Will any other Hog take portal?

or do we think Henderson is last?

Maybe not the portal, but I think two more will leave.

Edit: maybe 1 portal and three total leave

Bake you may be right! The roster may change a lot before the opening tip next season. I hope Devo, J. D. And Jaylin stay put! After those 3 anything is possible.

JD is one of the two, I think Moody is the other one.

I can see any one of Vanover, Bay Bay, and KK possibly hitting the portal, but I have some confidence that KK will stay. Apparently, DD thinks so, too.

Edit: Devo is coming back, he had a tweet yesterday that seemed to confirm he was coming back.

By watching KK on the sidelines he is vested into the Hogs. He will play a part in the success of our hogs next season. Devo should be the unspoken leader on and off the court. I hope JD stays and put his fingerprints on the team as well.

And just like that…Nevermind. Lol

Won’t name names but I can see more movement on the roster.

KK may be here at least for a year. His injury is maybe a drawback in landing in another spot.

The one I am beginning to think about is Chance Moore. With Toney and Umude, where the hell does he fit in, other than on the bench!

Looks like Toney, Lykes and Devo will start at the three wing spots. That means JD coming off the bench and staying on the court if he is hot. I can’t see JD being happy with that role for another year.

Did I miss this? Is Umude a done deal? Fantastic, if so.

If JD isn’t happy with a sixth man role with starter minutes and elects to leave, then I bet Chance, as a freshman, would relish that role, given the opportunity.

No, not yet but Umude is projected to be since Joe Yesufu committed to Kansas.

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UC-Davis has promised Devo that if he transfers there, they will name the school after him.

William & Mary has told Jaylin they will change the name of the school to Williams & Mary.


I think I like Jaylin & Mary more.

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Would J.D. have to sit out another year if he transfers?

Yep. That’s why we think JD stays or goes pro. Because he already transferred once, he’s not eligible for the one-time free transfer.

Third option would be transferring down to D-2, but he came here to go up in competition, and he’s certainly proven he can play at the Elite Eight D-1 level.

Don’t see Iyiola leaving, he’s already used his transfer so he’d have to sit out a year unless he went down in classification.

Chance will fill Moodys role if Moody leaves.

SwineF, what kind of money could he make as a pro not in the NBA?

With the addition of this point guard from Miami, he could see that his playing time will be pretty much what it was last year and he may not be happy with that.

Lot of options there, Mike, from G League to overseas. He’d probably do better overseas but it varies wildly. Chinese league pays the best, but some leagues only pay like $500 a month.