Will Anderson sez

“Alabama ain’t no D-3 team”

I’m glad he clarified that. I was not certain what level of football the Crimson Tide played, or if in fact, they awarded athletic scholarships. It is good to know that the Hendrix Warriors will likely never have to battle them on the gridiron.

He’s a piece of crap - very dirty hit on Treylon out of bounds and they look the other way

Didn’t like it but the hit was legal and honestly what he was supposed to do to prevent a recovery.


Hot was a good, solid football play

The ball was already out of bounds

Marginally, a no call. Officals are charged with protecting players from that type of blindside hit, and for whatever the reason, they did not make a call. It would be interesting to hear a comment within the squad calling the game. At other points within the game a call would have been made. I choose to believe the eyes were focused on the ball rather than this hit.

That hit wasn’t as flagrant as the late hit KJ took early in the game where he was already on the ground and it should have been targeting! There were several plays Bama got the benefit of the refs sticking their whistle in their pocket.

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I watched it three times hoping to find fault with Anderson but it looked legal. If Burks did not expect to be hit on the onside kick that was set up for him to recover, then I wonder why not. Maybe he expected someone to block Anderson.

The contact on an onside kick is brutal. Full speed collisions.

If you want to blame someone, blame Saban. Anderson handled his assignment.


That is why Saban is greatest. Not the intent to harm Burks but he had a plan for that onside possibility and the right player to do it. Anyone else and Burks would have manhandled him. Just a hard football hit that seems to be going away in today’s game.

Agree. I looked at this a few times too afterward but it was a clean hit. It’s football. It should have been anticipated that someone was going to be coming after Burks. A bigger body should have taken out Will.

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I would anticipate that they will come up with an alternative to onside kicks to prevent exactly what happened to Burks on that play. One suggestion I’ve heard is letting the offense run in essence a fourth and 15 play from the 35. If they convert, they keep the ball; if not, the other team gets possession. I have not seen what the result would be if the offense got a 65-yard pass on that play; would it be a touchdown?

Legal hit.

They called offsides on that play did the whistles not blow?

They did not call offsides. They called a kick out of bounds. They stepped off the 5 yards and gave Alabama the ball.

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Even if they’d called a penalty, I don’t think we’d have gotten the ball or a new kick. I think Bama would have gotten the ball 15 yards back. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m right, the game was still over.

There was another play. The game was not over. Bama had to snap and take a knee.

Yeah, I knew they had to take a knee one time, but it would not have mattered if they took the knee 15 yards closer to their EZ. I consider game over when the only thing left to do is the leading team to take one knee. I doubt we’d have scooped and scored on such a play.

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