will an 8 and 2 finish

get us in the dance. have us losing to south carolina and florida (both winnable i think if the breaks fall our way), but looking at the schedule i think we go 8 and 2 the rest of the way. and i think that gets us in the dance, 8 or 9 seed unless we win 2 or 3 at the sec tourney, then maybe a 6 of 7 seed. the next 4 we should be favored. then south carolina, then ole miss at home and auburn on the road. can win both of those not easily but we can win those with an average to above average performance.

the goal is to get in the dance. i still think we can do this.

With 24 wins and losses to SC and Fla, and no dance I would consider to be a Major Snub. But win at Fla and I bet 23 wins gets us in.

My 2 cents:

8-2 - yes, regardless if we win one in the SEC Tourney or not
7-3 - yes, if one of the 7 is FL or SC, regardless of the SEC Tourney
7-3- yes, if we lose to FL and SC but win 1 in the SEC Tourney
6-4 - yes, but only if we win 2 in the SEC Tourney

Basically, I believe that 24 wins gets us in. Also, I believe 23 wins gets us in if one is a road win over FL or SC.

That’s probably about right.

assuming Florida and/or south Carolina don’t nosedive down the stretch and we don’t lose to mizzou etc. still a lot of basketball left

That seems solid.

I have to say that though I see Arkansas as a team that can go 8-2 at this time, it wouldnt shock me if they went 5-5 at a finish!!! They better come together and quick! Any four to six minute droughts on offense can be losses against Bamma, A&M, Vanderbuilt, Georgia, and Auburn, not to mention any overlooking of Missouri and LSU and the refs on the road could be deadly also! This team has not been dominate against any big 5 conference teams at any time this year and that scares me! Even in a couple 15 to 20 point games they can go cold for a while and the other teams have cut it to single digits in the 2nd half, like LSU at home! So looking past anything more than a 50 50 shot to dance at this time is a reach to me until I see a full 40 minutes of team play!!!

I agree, sounds correct

on where Arkansas stands.

As of today - according to the experts - they are solidly in.

They will either move up line, stayed the same, go down a line or two or bottom out.

My guess is on one of the first three

The Hog world will melt down if this team doesn’t make the Dance…

i dont think they will melt down

for one thing its a small percentage of the hog world even that interested in the basketball program

also… we have come to accept mediocrity like the weather

makes it much more difficult for coach and the team.
that said
we will make the dance.

if we can just catch a break or two and make a little run maybe we get this thing turned around and generate enthusiasm right when we get to bring in the stud recruiting class thats on the way

it can happen…