Will A&M be able to stop

The run without playing nickel and strong safety in the box? That’s the key to this game.

Arkansas has 11 TDs rushing in three games. If this trend continues, it will be an outstanding season.

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They will if we run side to side

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There is no rule on where you must run.


You’re correct, but there is a direction that is more effective.


This will the best front 7 we’ve seen,big and fast,I would run straight ahead to make them take us on head up,we run EW they will be all over us probably.Leal is very good and I would run the Counter away from him where we can have Limmer leading…I don’t know the answer to your question but its not going to be for the faint at heart to see what goes on in the the trenches this week,these guys are good.

I really think how well KJ throws on the run will be a major factor in the game,if he can escape the pocket(not going to be easy bc he’s not a quick twitch guy)he may have some big plays down the field and he must hit them if given the chance.

I would throw a lot of quick hitter on 1st down to keep them off balance bc they are going to be ready to tee off on us on 1st down bc we usually run it,busting their keys will be very good for us IMO


How will Aggies defend KJ and what will KB do to free up the other backs and line with KJ mobility?

KJ’s ability to run or not will affect other things. ARK defense should get some turnovers this game. Anticipate less penalties.

Line on line will be key. This is going to be classic football. It will be loud no matter who has the ball, so discipline by the offensive live will be important. We may have a slight advantage in our defensive line and linebackers vs their offensive line compared to the opposite. I am certain Briles is ready to have quick outlets for KJ when needed. We have so many weapons available. The Aggies absolutely can not put eight in the box to stop the run or someone is going to be gone. I have a feeling they have been pointing to this game.

I hope we see a lot of screens as aggressive as they are but I haven’t really seen us throw one yet so we will see

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Miss-direction plays when we’re on offense will oftentimes slow down a fast-tempo defense. It’s a scheme that’s old as dirt but still effective.

Just hope all of our offensive line can get healthy in time to play the Aggies.

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The 91-yarder to Burks was a WR screen.

Yes. There have been several wide receiver screens. The one to Burks came when a nickel pressure was called by the defense. The threat of screens has kept safeties deep in the first three games.

I’m sure a lot of wrinkles will be added this game that they have been working on during camp and practice… The good thing is that KB has not had to go deep in his playbook the last games due to teams not being able to stop the basic play calls.

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Well that’s not the kind of screen I’m talking about… I’m talking about a swing screen where you get your offensive lineman out in front of a running back,that is devastating against an aggressive defense like TexasAm

Texas was not aggressive. You might have meant A&M.

Yeah I’m multitasking and caught it at the very last second, should know better than to talk on the phone and try to do this LOL

That is what I’m hoping we see… yes we have not had to throw the ball much at all,that will probably change quite a bit this weekend. We will have to show more than we have had to to win this one

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A&M might be #87 in rushing defense, but they’re #1 in passing defense. Is Texas a good measuring stick; I’m not sure if they were overrated (which I suspect) or not?

I’m thinking one of the reasons A&M is #87 is because no one has been able to pass against them. I’ll add A&M is also #1 in scoring defense.

Texas A&M did give up some chunk running plays in the first three games. That’s something that defense didn’t do much last year.

Colorado evidently isn’t good on offense at all. Minny shut them out. Kent State and Numex aren’t any better.