Is he supposed to poop or get off the pot with Oklahoma today? I’ve seen that rumor several places online and wondered if RD or DD knew whether there was any veracity to it?

He’s announcing Aug. 3. He’ll be getting off the pot.

He’s as gone as any instaterecruit I can remember.

Posted about being at Oklahoma this weekend, didn’t mention Arkansas at all. He’s an active twitter guy too. He just got some good bbq out of the trip.

As he changes his FB picture to him on his Arkansas visit and the background pic to him in a Razorback uni on the visit holding up the Arkansas state flag. Is he just completely trolling us?

Anybody know the answer to this? I looked on his Facebook page and saw nothing but Sooner pics.

Sure seems so.

I expect the “respect my decision, I’m Arkansas for life, Kentucky 2G/NBA Summer League All Time Leading Scorer” treatment.

Let’s just hope our “fans” react with some maturity no matter his decision. I’m going to hate it if he goes to OU, but writing stupid things on his FB/Twitter/Instagram/Whatever account does more harm to Arkansas’ image than good.

Pretty sure he’s had his mind set on OU for a very long time. I think it’s a “I love this importance feeling” more than anything. I’d say arkansas has a very very slim chance if any at all.

Good BBQ lol

It is going to hurt if Wilkins commits to OU, but we need to recognize he may change his mind. The last 5 days have made a big difference in the potential of the program. These kids have not known a GOOD Hog FB team since 2011 when they were in 5th grade. We are going to sign good OL from this point on. The quality of the recent commitments has created a buzz about us so kids will see the potential for the program to make a splash soon. OL will want to play with the stud WR, RB and QB talent commits. If Jefferson and some of the stud WR’s call recruits then it will mean something now.

I am just SO ready to get past whatever it is he decides to do. If it is not us, then so be it and good luck. I want kids that WANT to be here and be a part of the Razorback program and all that it entails and represents. If that is not for you then that is fine. We will have plenty that want to be a part of it and will be happy to take your spot and jump on boards.

Apparently he will use Friday to take away any suspense left.

I agree with you. We must respect his decision and wish him well. I don’t think that he expected Arkansas to recruit this well and decided early on to go to Oklahoma. He may be second guessing now, but I still think he honors his commitment to Oklahoma.