Wild review scenario in OU-Iowa State game

ISU receiver caught a pass near the goal line. Or did he? Scored a touchdown? Fumbled out of the end zone before the ball broke the plane?

Almost. The OU DB ripped the ball out short of the goal line – but touched it while he was out of bounds at the half-yard line, so it was not a touchback when it went into and out of the end zone. ISU got the ball back at that point and scored a TD on the next play. Review took a very long time, but it appears they got it right.

Anyone think the SEC replay official would have gotten that call right? I don’t

I sure liked the outcome of the review.
Especially once the Iowa State scored the TD.

No way.

His touching white out of bounds was during the rip right? I didn’t see any other touch.

Must have been.

Then OU’s QB got a 73-yard TD run right after. 7-7 now.

Depends on which teams were involved.

Bama or Auburn on defense, no way.

More Big 12 weirdness: Texass trying to come back at WVU, down 8 in the fourth quarter. On the same play (an incomplete pass), Texass’ QB (Card, the guy who started against us), RB and an offensive tackle all got hurt. Casey Thompson came in and threw a pick two plays later. So it strongly appears that (a) EOE will lose its sixth straight game and (b) they will not qualify for a bowl.

Boo hoo.

They can add a few more scenes for the One Shining Moment Texas edition.


Texass has the ball, 2nd & 10, :30 left on their own 38.

Send 'em a postcard

I thought the play would be changed and favor the Sooners with the touch back, way I saw it. They looked at it forever too. Hard to figure.

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