Wild Boars Shirts

I watch a little of the press conference this morning with the boys from the Thailand cave rescue. They were wearing some of their team shirts. The shirts featured a slick looking red razorback. I want one of those shirts. Arkansas should make some kind of connection to the Thai boys team - they obviously have good taste in mascots.

There is a picture of two of them on the front page of today’s Demozette. They are wearing those shirts.

That would be the smart thing to do, but knowing the UA somebody might decide to sue them for using what they consider to be a copyrighted symbol and not paying a fee.

Wouldn’t surprise me. A U.S. copyright or trademark is not universal protection in all countries, but Thailand is a member of the World Trade Organization which generally respects copyrights from other WTO nations (still including us, unless Trump withdrew today). Of course those shirts may not have been produced in Thailand either.

However we have very specific things that have copyrights. This is copyrighted:

What I saw on the kids’ shirts is not close enough, IMO (not being a copyright attorney) to be covered. We don’t have unlimited trademark on any depiction of a red wild boar.

https://images.thestar.com/yVjZvmoe21op … e_boys.jpg

https://images.thestar.com/yVjZvmoe21op … e_boys.jpg