Do you think there is any chance we are exploring another option for our third starter? He seems to be getting increasingly shaky.

Certainly hope so. Makes it hard on everybody when you can’t throw strikes.

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I kind of think Wiggins will remain a starter. If he’s inconsistent as a starter, you have more room to overcome it early in the game than if he comes out of the bullpen and allows runs.

Even though he has struggled the last two weeks, he has also shown flashes of being able to deliver starter innings against SEC teams. Arkansas has the bullpen depth that it can typically cover a short start if Wiggins is off.

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Wiggins has great stuff when he has command he can dominate. Today he couldn’t spot anything but the change up. He did a good good only allowing 2 runs. Ole Miss can put some crooked numbers up on the scoreboard pretty quick. Today as much as Wiggins struggled he keep the Hogs in the game.

Dave Van Horn is not one to keep rolling out someone who is not throwing strikes. Will be interesting to watch this develop.

Wiggins will start again at Auburn this week.

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