Wiggins or Lockhart tonight?

I think both are throwing very well but I think I would go with Wiggins bc Neb has seen Wick who is LH and NJIT threw LH today and both look similar to the way Lockhart throws,so will not be much eye adjustment if Lock throws but what they have not seen anything remotely close too is 96-99 heat and very good CU.I would think that would be extremely hard to adjust too,but JMO

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I’d think there is a good chance we will see both. IMO, it might be best to start Lockhart, just because Wiggins appears to be more of a reliever/closer type pitcher than Lockhart.

We might do that but I would like to save one for tomorrow just in case we need them.

We don’t need anything left for tomorrow! Win today and end it! I hope!

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That would be Great for sure but as the ole saying goes you fail to plan for tomorrow you plan to fail.

My plain would be by committee it you had to play tomorrow! I would throw the kitchen sink at them tonight!

Depends on how the game goes. If we hold a narrow lead in the late innings, you go all out to win. Do the same thing if we’re down a run or two & have to stop them & hope we can overtake them. If we’re down by a lot late, then you save what you’ve got until tomorrow.

I do not think we’ll be down a lot in the late innings. I hope we’re up a lot in the late innings.

I’m hoping we jump out to a big lead early and coast.

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Yeah soft throwing LH mid 80’s last outing he no hit Michigan for 3 inn.Hopefully the pressure will get to him,but this is the kind of guy who has always given us problems

Well, he’s sure feel his oats after that first inning. He left acting pretty haughty

Blew us away like he’s their Ace

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