Wiggins - OMG!

I was just going over some baseball stats thus far this season. I’ve never seen a stat like Wiggins has.

20.8 Ks per 9 innings pitched. That’s 2.3 Ks per inning. That’s nothing short of astonishing.

And, this is against several top 25 baseball teams.


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That’s still well short of 3 Ks per inning. I think you’re too excited.

I assume you are being sarcastic, but in case you aren’t, please give me some names of Power 5 conference college baseball players with higher than 2.3 Ks per inning.

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Yes, understatement.

Well, if our catchers can’t handle some of his third strike 98 MPH and drop a few… he could get to that 3.0.

If Wiggins can get great control & spot his pitches, he might become the best we’ve ever had.

What was it Yogi said about Koufax: “I can see how he won 25 games. What I can’t understand is how he lost 5.” Maybe Wiggins can become something like that.

All about location, no matter how hard you throw if it’s in the zone,they will hit it as we saw Sunday. Bama was getting some very good swings against him.He has Great potential but has to learn if you throw the same pitch over and over they will eventually time it, would like to see a better mix of pitches to keep hitters honest.

Unfortunately for us, MSU’s Landon Sims had 30Ks in 11.2 innings as of March 14th (last I checked).

Nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that.

He’s dropped a little, but still slightly better than Wiggins. 2.42 to 2.3 per inning Ks. Maybe The Hogs will get a chance to mess those stats up for him this weekend.

Yes and MSU starter tomorrow has 37 K in 20 inn

The Moo U pitching staff is good! They will battle the hogs need to be patient at the plate and avoid swinging out of the strike zone. Making them throw strikes and pitch out of the stretch will Ben the key. I’m looking forward to this series.

Mississippi State’s pitching staff is good, but its lineup is not nearly as good as it has been. I would not be surprised to see two or three low-scoring games this weekend.

I think your right. A defensive miscue could be the difference in each ball game. The first team to score probably wins.

Yeah I agree, one thing they do well is put the ball in play 2nd in fewsest K but lucky we are very good defensive team

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