Wiggins looked

Pretty dang good today. Went more innings, good command with several different pitches, all speeds. Some were just nasty good.
Weekend rotation shaping up good.


I really liked how he got his act together after a rough first 2 innings. Good to see some adversity and work through it.

He was locked in from the very first pitch. He started a lot of hitters off with offspeed stuff which is totally different than he’s been doing. This is huge for him because when you throw 96 the batter has to be looking for that or they have no chance to hit it. They now have to go up to the plate not really sure what they’re going to get as long as he can locate that off speed stuff for strikes the sky is the limit for him.

He literally could be a Friday night guy throwing on Sunday which gives us a huge advantage over most Sunday starters. The key now will be can he consistently keep doing that, been kind of a problem for him so far, but I really liked what I saw today.

His pitch count was way up after the first two innings. He really settled in after that

He looked very good yesterday .Saw several 94 mph fast balls at the knees that were just unhittable.

He still got to cut down his BB’s till about 2 a game but umpire yesterday didn’t help him any. I just hope he can consistently do this especially when we go on the road

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Van Horn says that radar gun on TV is not accurate. The TrackMan data is typically telling them the velocity is about 1-2 mph more than the velocities we’re seeing on TV or on the videoboard in the stadium, which are being taken from the same gun.

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Wiggins is becoming a better pitcher. From what I’ve been told by those who watched him growing up, he didn’t start “pitching” until he was about 17 years old. Until that point he was a thrower, someone who just tried to blow it past hitters. He is still very raw in terms of potential.


He is definately turning into a pitcher. Showed a good change up and a nasty cutter and peppering the corners about knee high.
So those 94’s 95’s, 96’s were actually 96, 97, 98.
I remember him when recruited his velo was 98 or so.

He is very much becoming a Pitcher bc he was throwing 1st pitch off speed for strikes and when you can do that and locate 96-97,the hitter has really no chance.The key will be if that yesterday is the norm from here on that rather than the exception.very excited to see our Pitching round into shape and roles start being defined.

If Wiggins does hold true to form from yesterday , this could be one of the best weekend rotations we’ve had in a while. (That’s without Pallete in there)

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That answers a lot of board ignorance questions coming into the season…

His brother is a freshman next year?

Carson Wiggins is a high school sophomore right now. He is committed to Arkansas. His travel coach says he is more advanced at his age than Jaxon was because of his ability to throw better off-speed pitches.


That is great to hear!

Typically, velo goes up as the weather gets warmer. I keep reminding myself it’s still March. There have been some warm days, but then there have also been some nasty cold days, too. My bones (they ache on cold days) tell me it’s still far from spring time.

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