Wiggins getting better right before our eyes

I was very impressed with Wiggins today, to blow away Spence on 3 pitches right off the bat was very impressive, he’s one of the best hitters in the SEC.
He is not perfect with his command yet, but is getting much better, he threw some great change ups today! He just needs to get a slider like Tole has and he will be a 1st round draft pick


Well, those regular 97-99 mph fastballs weren’t too shabby either.

oh no doubt,he has an electric arm! just amazing potential.

Tole and Wiggins look the part of a very bright future on the mound.

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I felt if we got through the first three innings just giving up that first run that we’d likely win it. In the vein he set the table for the rest of the team. Kudos.

Yeah he has now faced Fla and Tenn in last 2 outings and thrown 6 innings and only given up 1 run… Definitely Progress being shown and I feel we may see him start again in postseason.

Pitching looked good this week; Lockhart, Noland, Wiggins, Tole, and Bolden all were lights out. Then, of course, there was the incomparable Kopps. I agree with Cullen Smith, he should win the Golden Spikes.

Wiggins had two off games this year — at Ole Miss and at Tennessee.

Otherwise he has been good. Once he gets comfortable throwing a third pitch, he will be really good.


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