Wieber signs 4 in initial Gym'back signing class

Wieber Signs Four in Inaugural Signing Class

The class includes the youngest daughter of Mary Lou Retton (Emma Kelley). Her older sister competed for LSU.

I can’t begin to know if this is a good recruiting class. Help.

There’s nothing to go on other than we all know who Mary Lou is and what she did. So I would guess coach Wieber knows what she is doing and can judge talent. We will all see!

Coach Weiber should definitely recognize talent. But I don’t know enough about HS gymnastics to know how good this class is. I assume level 10 means highest competition level

I do know that Emma’s older sister was an integral part of a VERY good LSU team.

Best class in school history.

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So it’s safe to say Wieber is a good recruiter?

I was JK. No idea.

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That’s just wrong lol