Width of of the plate …

Is supposed to be 17 inches. When Rocker and Lieter pitch, they apparently get 3 more inches on either side. It’s like watching Tom Glavine and Greg Maddox, without the high 90s fastballs. Ridiculous strike zone at Nashville today.

Agreed. Leiter is getting a lot of reputation strikes. But this ECU guy is battling him.

The crazy part is that in the same game the ECU was not getting the calls in the same or better spots.

Yes agree, Leiter got away with lots of not even close strikes…

My Word they just gave Vandy a run with a pitch right down the stinking middle of the plate BB in a run… I hate those arrogant jerks, they don’t need any help… that was ridiculous!

I would have been kicked if I was ECU coach!

They would have thrown me out bc I would have went after him, that was Blatant on purpose call Stevie Wonder could see that was a strike!

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