Wicklander starting Friday

Saw elsewhere we are letting Wick start Friday, than Vermilion and Lockhart.
I will say this about DVH he doesn’t mind rolling the Dice.Wick if he’s on can dominate but if not can put you in a hole early and against probably the best Pitching team top to Bottom in the league and maybe the country that is basically a death sentence … Hopefully he will pitch the way he did last time.

You’re totally right! I’m sure he will be on a very short leash.

This is slightly off topic but what has happened to C Nolan? I’ve missed something.

Battling some arm stiffness DVH said, will be out a little while

This will be by far the best pitching we have seen this year,they have 14 guys who throw 95+ but we will be the best team they’ve seen, they havent played the schedule we’ve played… We will be ready!

Rolling the dice early in season isn’t to costly if any.
Could be beneficial

Yeah if hes on he can beat anyone, just really never know what to expect from him for a while now.

Kudos to Wick. He’s obviously a real fighter.

Glad to see Wick bounce back. Now fingers crossed for Noland to do the same. And for Ramage to continue what he did after his first pitch this week.

I’m glad to see Wicklander get the start.
When he is sealed in he really good.
I’m he off DVH will make a quick move to the bullpen. There’s plenty or arms down the right field line waiting to take the mound!

I looked at his start two years ago against Miss. State. He allowed 2 earned runs in four innings. Looks like Ramage came in and they scored three more, but Kopps shut them down the rest of the way.

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