Wicklander looked like he was throwing a different pitch

Maybe was just a camera angle but he was throwing what I’m sure was his cutter but it acted like a screwball, balls breaking back about 6 in which could be a devastating pitch.Mariano Rivera used the same pitch all the way to the hall of fame, you start it out in the middle of plate and it runs away from righties and into lefties… he didn’t always throw it but when he did it was nasty

Fernando Valenzuela from the Dodgers had a nasty pitch like that back in the day.

Yes he did! I have never seen Wicklander ball move like that, like I said maybe the camera angle they were showing it from is different than what it looks like when we play at home… it was very visibly moving 5 or 6in from right to left which had a screwball spin but I know he doesn’t throw that so has to be his cutter.

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