Wichita State has six players in the portal

SIX. Apparently Gregg Marshall’s methods aren’t too popular.

Social distancing.

Popular or not, they work to accomplish what he’s paid to do

In some ways they have worked, but increasingly it’s going to be tougher to find players. You need some development and to do that, you have to keep some players. Obviously, he let Austin Reaves get away and may regret that.


Clay is right. I know about the Reaves situation. He loved Wichita and the players. He left because of the coach.

Specifically they’re losing a 6-2 combo guard, 5-11 PG who has already landed at UMass, 6-4 shooting guard, 6-5 combo guard, 6-8 PF and 6-8 center.

And to think folks here wanted Marshall. Strange news cycle.

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There are also folks here who want to start throwing out strong-ass offers, so keep that in mind,

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Conference Championships are difficult for the Shockers to attain since leaving The Valley for the AAC. Marshall is obviously a douche bag!

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Great post!

Guilty. But I also wanted Mike Anderson so my judgment is poor

Guilty. Have yet to see anything to change my mind and wouldn’t doubt that we are doing it now

I heard we offered Marshall but he said no. Shortly thereafter, Muss accepted.

Nope. Not true.

That is the way I remember the rumor mill. However nobody knows for sure who was the top choice, second choice or third choice. Whoever gets the job is advertised as the one AD really wanted.

However it worked out, I think we got the right the coach at the right time.

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I agree Jim

Yep, we got the best available at that time. I like the way he runs the offense and that was my biggest worry when he was hired. Evolution on defense will come in time. Not worried about that.

He’s had at least that many leave in the previous two seasons.

Make it seven. As of today, they’ll be returning (minutes wise) players with the 4th, 5th 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 15th most minutes.