Wichita again in the softball tournament -- on SECN

Shockers beat Okie Lite last night in an elimination game after OSU eliminated DePaul. We have to win one out of two today over WSU to advance to the super regional, which will almost certainly be at Mobilehoma (two-time defending national champs). If, however, the Paperclips managed to choke their regional away, we would host the super.

SECN picked up the telecast after Georgia won its regional, so we’re on real TV.

WSU got a run in the first, but Hogs have already taken the lead 3-1. Autumn Storms gave up as many hits in the first inning as Mary Haff gave up Friday and Saturday combined.

WSU just had cerebral flatus to allow our third run. Bases loaded, line drive to first base which was dropped, 1B stepped on first (removing the force play at the plate), threw home, the catcher didn’t realize force no longer in effect and didn’t tag our runner.