Joseph Pinion was the high point scorer for the team in tonight’s game, yet in the post game interview, neither Chuck nor Coach mentioned his name. They did discuss every other player on the team. Can some one explain to me the reason for this omission please.

Can’t come up with a logical reason. 4 out of 6 from 3 earns a players some talk.

It was odd. I don’t think it was purposeful or orchestrated with malicious intent. It was just a odd miss. Unfortunate. Odd.

I was only half-listening, but Muss mentioned him on the radio post-game interview. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but he was giving him some praise.

67% from DT will get you some PT

He’d better be able to defend or he won’t play for Muss. Not sure how good his defense was last night. We will see. Seems like he can really shoot albeit against a bad team. But if he doesn’t play, it’ll be because of defense IMO.

It was really good. It was also against Rogers State.

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Pinions defense was outstanding last night, team defense was also outstanding for the first game of the year. Rogers State was forced to about 25% shooting because the entire night they only had about 5 open shots. The rest were contested.

The one thing that was amazing to watch was it didn’t matter who was in, what lineup was in, there was no defensive drop off. Top to bottom of the bench this team is so very talented. Defense is way ahead of offense right now. I will say there weren’t as many WOW defensive plays when Black and Nick Smith were not in, but the defense I dare say was just as good.

Part way through the game I was feeling man our shooting really sucks, man its terrible but I look up and there is that 60% shooting percentage. . . . . I think it is because we look so very tentative and no confidence when they shoot anything from beyond 10’. There is probably a reason for that.

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Hillcats were no Hilltoppers, but 4-6 from beyond the arc ain’t bad. I’m sure JP is a work in progress defensively, but he will have his moments, as the best pure shooter on the team. I hope he sticks around for 4 years. In time, he could be a special player.

I guess we filter sometimes to the extreme. Muss mentioned Joseph Pinions at least three and perhaps more in his press conference. Adding to that both Brazil and Black mentioned him and spoke of the excitement Pinions generated for the team with his threes. Black noted not only his offensive performance but also his defense commenting on his improvement which in turn led to more playing time. I hope he is on come Texas this weekend. He certainly opens the rim for his teammates with his outside proficiency.

I should add, that his productivity from the three-point line will create lots of copy for Razorback writers as he is compared along his career to Pat Bradley and all the others.

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l am glad to read these comments. The kid played just down the road some 20 miles and we do want to see him be successful in that Razorback uniform for the coming years. I know that he is in the midst of a very talented group of athletes and when he does succeed, we certainly want to see him get his due!

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Take a look at YouTube for the post-game press conferences. While it is always great to read the game accounts, the press conferences with the players to me near always give a sense of the team’s psyche. Right now there is a lot of pump and I hope someone is not injured fighting to get on that plane to Austin.

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