Didn’t Harris get to shoot free throws. That was also hands to the face. We take the hall out instead of shooting free throws. We were in bonus.

Because they blew the call. That’s why. League office will apologize. The L will stand anyway.

Because they don’t have the stones to make the same call in the last 10 seconds that they would earlier in the game.

Offensive fouls do not get FT’s

You don’t get free throws on defense. just change of possession. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

I took it to mean he thought it was hands/elbow to the face/flagrant (that’s why they went to the monitor). It was every bit as flagrant as the one Williams of Tennessee got late at Vandy.

I’m not saying it’s why we lost. But it was a bang-bang play that could have gone our way. I guess I should just be glad they called the offensive.

It looked like a flagrant foul to me. If so, we should have gotten FT & possession. At least I think that’s the rule. Of course, it’s moot. They didn’t even appear to entertain the idea that it was flagrant.

Honestly, I can see it both ways. If it was a simple push off the chest, then it’s no different than taking a charge and you don’t shoot free throws doing that. The issue that I agree with you is it was excessive force to the head/neck area and that would be free throws and the ball back. I thought it was close, but replay showed it was excessive, but the official stuck with a simple charge call. If I were in the same situation, I might have kept the call as is as well.

to me watching replay, it was clearly hands to face. i said to folks here, that’s foul shots and the ball. next thing i know is that we are taking it out on the baseline. i never heard the announcers say what the official had told them about the play. oh well…