Why would Ty

Then why hasn’t he been starting? Other teams start true freshman at qb why not us?

Well, I think he should have been starting since North Texas. I said at that time we should begin preparing for the future then and take our lumps with “the future” playing instead of guys that don’t have SEC ability even if they weren’t quite as ready to play right now.

That said, I get why Morris and staff went with Ty.

I hate it Ty is likely to go 0-8 as an Arkansas starter. He’s a tough young man and has given his all. I bet he’s a great success in whatever profession he chooses to pursue.

The coaching staff has decided that it is best to redshirt Connor instead of have him go out there with a limited offense

I am sure he will be a better QB next season with a better grasp of the playbook.

One has to think he will get some snaps in these last two games - because he can do that and still redshirt.

As for next season, I am sure the coaches will go with who they think can best win football games. Be it TS, CN, JSJ, KJ or KB.

With new weapons coming in, especially the fact they should have two game-changing TEs and a better WR room, one would think the offense should be overall better.

I know the OL loses 3 seniors, but I have to believe it will be improved.

If I was CCM I would be tempted to start CN next two or at least wait for Ty to falter and put him in, leave him in.

I disagree as I said that time.

I think sending a limited Connor Noland out against Auburn, Texas A&M and Auburn would have been QB malpractice just as when Brandon Allen got force fed to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Ty played great against Ole Miss before getting hurt.

Connor played okay against a bad Tulsa team and got to experience being a part of a win as Storey did against Eastern Illinois - even if he didn’t start.

I understand their decision. Personally, not real worried about the 3 OL graduating. I think Capps with a spring to develop further as an OL and Wagner at RT will be an upgrade.

I expect the offense will take a pretty good leap next year provided a couple of the young WRs are the upgrades I’m anticipating. I also think either KB or CN will be an upgrade at the most important position on the field.

The coaches know if a QB can work through the protection checks required to give the team best chance to work through the plays. I am pretty sure if they thought Connor could play a game against better competition (than Tulsa) and protect himself, he would have played more. But I’m not sure he’s quite there yet. Still, he’s played two games. I bet he gets in one of these last two, maybe both. You you had used Connor against LSU and then Ty (and/or Kelley) went down early in the MSU game, or say in practice, then you’d have to play Connor in five games. I can do the math. You don’t want to go over four so that you protect that redshirt in the new rules.

Somebody had posted their concern about losing CN to the MLB draft after three years, so we should not have redshirted him. I understand that thinking, but the coaches gambled on the possibility that if CN redshirted, he could possibly be a four-year starter or at least a three-year starter at QB. At some point, if he is the starting QB at the UofA, he may have to decide between the lure of MLB money or remaining the QB for Arkansas (and maybe, just maybe the NFL). It will be interesting …

Actually he could pull a Kyler Murray and get drafted, sign and still play football.

if conner noland is a better quarter back than storey then why is he not playing it is who does the best job that the coaches use

Whoever the QB is next week will take a pounding. Miss St probably has as good or better Dline than LSU.

Ty Storey has been on campus 4 years and Connor Noland has been on campus 5 months. Connor has a much better arm and is more mobile than Ty. Noland has gotten very few 1st team reps and very little game experience. These things will change at some point.

Give Noland time. He’ll surprise many on both fields. Wait and see…

Joe Ferguson had a better arm spent several years in national football but his record at Arkansas was not very good it is not who has the best arm or mobility its who the players that do the best to win games that includes the quarterback offensive defense special teams

I agree totally. The best arm and the most speed does not make you the best option. It’s the playmaking ability that you have to have. The playmakers make everybody better because they can bust the play wide open with a cut or a pass, a pitch or a dupe. I was hoping Ty had that in him, he has make a play or 2, but not nearly enough. I thought he would be a more effective runner and a more accurate passer. Even with this “lack of talent” around him, they should have been able to have more spurtablilty. They should have enough to put up a fight. I would imagine the dye is cast, Ty will be the man, who knows, maybe he finds the magic vs mizzou, because after watching the MSU hound the alabama qb who has hardly been touched all year, the only magic our qb will have this Saturday is walking off the field after the game.