Why would Ty

come back next year. He already has his degree and we will have 1 maybe 2 new QB next year. He is not very good nor very fast. I don’t see why you put yourself through all that punishment.

Because he will more than likely be the starting qb next year.

No way

Since he has graduated, I would say that whether he’ll be here and/or whether he’ll be the starting QB are both way up in the air.

If he is we will be hurting!

I am sure if Kelly doesn’t sign with us…Ty comes back. He’d have to believe in himself enough to believe he could hold off a redhirt and tru freshman (whether he could or not is another question). But if we sign Kelly and basically signal the world that he’s the new QB…Ty might leave. IMO.

Sorry, Tye is not an SEC QB.
The resume proves the point.

I totally agree. The young man can take a pounding but he just can read a defense! He can’t run an uptempo offense and he is slow. The interception he threw tonight if the pass is out in front of the receiver it might have been a TD. Just an example of his capabilities.

I hope he stays and backs up a more talented QB. Whoever that might be. He’s a leader and good influence on younger players. I would love to see him complete his career as a Razorback.

Back in January I made a post that I thought Kelley should leave because he didn’t fit our coaches idea of Qb, and many thought that was a ridiculous statement, now many are calling for Ty to leave. I don’t see Bryant or anyone else jumping to the Hogs until we build a O-line,saying your building one is not good enough to entice many quality QBs. WPS

Granted the Oline is a problem now but that will be addressed quicker than most people think will be the case if a better QB is found to run the offense. Hopefully we get another one at end of Nov. but the offense Morris is going to run requires a quick decision making qb. Both of the current starters are not gifted in that sense. Conner is a freshman but watching his limited play , he has the decision making part but needs experience (primarily getting used to speed of game vs High School). When you play a team like Bama or LSU , speed of game becomes that of the NFl because of the talent level and we saw that last night. LSU eased up a bit and things slowed down for Ty in the fourth quarter.

Bama’s defense has really improved since the Ark game. Next up will be Miss State and another good defense that will be challenge for our offense.

I posted early in the season if there is a P5 team with a starting QB and backup with less talent than Arkansas I’d like to see them… I’d still like to see them

Ty is as CCM says a gritty kid but is not and never will be an SEC QB. Neither is Cole.

If Ty starts next year we have no chance of improving. He is now 0-6 as a starter headed to 0-8.

We MUST recruit or develop a new starter.

Whether Ty comes back next year or not, he is / was our best option to win this year. Yea Noland got the rent a win vs Tulsa & that’s great.
It’s not Ty’s, CCM’s, or anyone else’s fault that are on the current team & staff.

Quarterback is not the problem. It may not be the solution to what ails this team, but it would require Johnny Manziel to lift this offense out of the abyss. I don’t think anyone out there is Johnny Manziel.

What is needed is complete reboot at almost every position on offense. More speed and athletic ability in the offensive line, wide receiver and running back. Rakeem Boyd and Cheyenne O’Grady are exceptions to that.

Who does an SEC defense fear in this group of offensive players. Probably Boyd. That’s it.

I do not expect Ty Storey to leave. All he’s ever wanted to do was be the quarterback at Arkansas. I think he stays and competes with anyone and everyone who shows up. I do not believe he will be scared off by any competition and I know he’s a Razorback through and through.

Good points about the dearth of talent, but a new QB needs to be part of the reboot as well IMO

While we can all agree on the QB reboot, that’s the one position that is the hardest to get an immediate near miracle. Especially when the rest of offense is practically in need of the same reboot.
KB is probably the only QB out there that can contribute enough for some improvement with a whole new cast around him. New cast that’s learning the system all over again.

Worst QB performance I’ve seen this year was Hogs vs Tulsa and it wasn’t Ty Storey. :sunglasses:
Yeah not P5, I’ll have to dig more.
* Based on QB rating, he’s ahead of 4 in the top 100, including Joe Burrow!
http://www.cfbstats.com/2018/leader/nat … ort02.html

Not counting KB, Connor will beat out Storey.

I agree - better arm and more mobility.

Let’s be clear. I didn’t call for him to leave.

What I have said - per Ty himself - is that he was prepared to leave if Coach B’s staff had stayed around.

If Bryant comes here, he will be because of Morris and Craddock and their relationship.