Why would Kiffin go to Auburn?

and leave the love fest for him at Ole Miss?

  1. He can get a 10 year contract at Auburn. The state of Mississippi will only allow a 4 year deal.
    (This is from the Mississippi State guys on their board)
  2. Auburn will probably give him more money per year.
  3. Kiffin will have a better opportunity to win a National Championship with the better facilities,
    improved recruiting resources. It is just a better job if you prioritize winning.
  4. He may never get the Alabama job, but he can hurt Alabama by beating them. He probably will ,
    especially after Coach Saban retires.
  5. Auburn is a more high profile job than Ole Miss. We know Kiffin loves to be noticed.

Correct. That is a Mississippi state law covering all state employees. Pirate has a 4-year deal too.

I guess 4 years at 9 mil per isn’t attractive enough. His contract extension by OM last week. He didn’t sign tho.

The last four coaches at Auburn:

  1. Tommy Bowden - undefeated season
  2. Tommy Tuberville - undefeated season
  3. Gene Chizik - national champion
  4. Gus Malzahn - national championship game

That is probably one big reason.

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You forgot Harsin. The last 4 would be: Harsin, Malzahn, Chizik, Tuberville. But, I get your point. They were all also run off.


60 million longevity bonus for two years plus his salary the way Auburn runs through coaches sounds about right. WPS

He’s obsessed with Saban. His fixation on Nick combined with his arrogance means he wants to be at the place that’s also obsessed with beating the team coached by Saban.

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