Why would a kid

That has already committed to us, or any school, wait until the late signing period to sign. I read why Henry is waiting, but what about the rest. Kinda gives me a not so sure feeling on those waiting. Burks from warren, apparently all Arkansas, why is he waiting. And Spivey also. And the others. What is the reasoning? Looking for a better offer? I have no clue so that’s why I’m asking.

I agree. No reason they can’t sign, fax it in privately, then have a ceremony in February.

Don’t like the way it looks

I saw an interview with Burks posted on 247 before he committed to the Hogs. The interviewer asked Treylon if he was planning to sign in the early period. Treylon said quickly, “no”. Then, the interviewer never followed up with a why, so I don’t know why he asked the question. I was hoping after he committed, that Burks had changed his mind and would sign this month. I hope Richard posts a response, especially if he’s heard why. It doesn’t bother me as much though since he said that before he committed to Arkansas.

Because some kids want the public national signing date deal and some have other circumstances

Some of these may very well sign in Dec, but announce it Feb.

It does seem to me some fans guys want these kids to do what makes them feel better regardless of whether it is what the kid wants to do on one of the biggest days of their life.

Richard has been pretty clear about Hudson, who wants to wait until his best friend John David White decides. If he decides to come to Arkansas as a PWO, that will be a great day for them. If JDW gets better offers between now and then, then that will be good for him as well.

As far as Treylon, he has always plan to sign in Feb. like his heros from Warren did back in the day.

Neither one of them are going anywhere but Arkansas.

As for Spivey, Brooks and Walker, I don’t know.

Treyon’s grandmother who raised him going on trip to Georgia 2 days before ESD. Respectful young man wants her with him to celebrate hence signing on NSD.

Good info. Thanks for the note.

There you go. As Razorback fans, we tend to see things through tunnel vision and what’s best for the Hogs (or what we think is best). But there’s a lot of explanations that make perfectly good sense as to why some of these are waiting. We may lose one or two, but it’s not the end of the world.

Remember Noah Gatlin waited to have his ceremony in Feb.

For sure good info and thank you for sharing SWMrsHogfan!! Treylon has always seem like a great young man and this just further shows it. So thrilled he is a Hog!!

I think some are waiting to see how the annual coaching shuffle works out. Many coaches know right now they are moving on, being let go, being encouraged to look around, etc, but after signing day. It’s an unsavory part of this whole process.

It’s not a bad look at all. A kid can sign when HE wants too, not when YOU want him too. Have some perspective man, it’s one of the biggest days of a recruits life.