Why we have the right man for the job..........

This recruit seems a solid citizen and he states the case far better than I ever could:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ding-high/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/nov/07/other-schools-dont-compare-arkansas-according-high/</LINK_TEXT>

We could lose out this season and the die hard Malzahn, Petrino, or anyone running the HUNH lovers would be all over this board screaming for his head. Regardless of the rest of the season, we have the right head coach, the right facilities, and right set of solid citizens on The Hill right now and I am very proud of them. Can you imagine any recruit saying what this one says about Bobby Petrino? Winning regardless of the cost is not worth it in my opinion.

Each year under CBB we have made solid progress and I expect this year to finish strong like every one of his years have so far. We have opportunities in recruiting to really enhance that progress this year. We sorely need more SEC caliber secondary players, O-linemen, D-linemen, linebackers, kickers, etc. If we can shore up the talent in several weak spots and continue to build on the talent we already have at QB, running back, receiver, tight end, fullback, etc. we can speed up the progress. Are we recruiting good enough now to be and stay at the top of the SEC? Not yet. But we are recruiting better than the UofA ever has in Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri. Plus, we are improving in Texas. We have the ability to go nationally for any pro-style QB’s, power running backs. tight ends, fullbacks, and offensive linemen (who want to play in a pro blocking scheme) we want. Arkansas has never had this kind of recruiting power. Can’t wait to see how this next recruiting class comes together.

Hogmodo, mostly I respect what you bring to the board, but lately the Malzahn-Petrino stuff is getting a little old. Why can’t you just leave those two out of discussions of the current Razorback coach.

If you can’t defend his progress with the program on his record on the field and his recruiting success without mentioning those two, then maybe there really is a problem on The Hill.

I agree with you.

BB is right fit but he doesn’t get a pass as any head coach has to account for his program

This D needs to be a much more consistent product than we have seen to date and it might make him make a change after the season

Our O has been able to compete with the big boys in the west for the most part but the D is lagging behind and it’s got to improve to ever get a chance to win the West

Part of that is recruiting players but it also might include a change in philosophy & scheme with a new DC

There is a small group of posters on this board who like to promote Petrino and/or Malzahn often with little justification. There has been surges of those types of posts after almost every stumble this season. Why shouldn’t they get it thrown back at them just as frequently? Everybody has a right to express an opinion and when they do they should not get offended when a contrary opinion is thrown back at them. JMVVVVVHO

Just out of curiosity, how many times do you have to make the same point?

I’m not one of the Malzahn or Pe-nis-trino worshipers, but you give us the same narrative every week. Just as predictable as Bush Hog after every loss, with the mantra about spending 10X on recruiting budgets, blah, blah, etc.

I think we all get your position. Not sure if you’re trying to convert folks or just think the more you repeat something, the higher chance of it happening. Relax, you aren’t a missionary, you aren’t saving anyone here from eternal damnation…

I certainly agree that everyone has a right to an opinion and the freedom (as long as the Insiders sign off on it) to express it here. It’s just that one of the previous coaches you mention hasn’t been around for ten years, the other for nearly 5 seasons. I’m fairly certain CBB doesn’t feel like he needs to be defended by board posters bringing up the perceived or actual problems of the former coaches. Time to give it a rest, IMO.

We have the right man for the job period. He is doing a great job based on his last 2 years, but his first 2 years have to be thrown out for dealing with BP and Smile’s mess. I think it is curious that some come on here and take swipes at CBB and compare him to Petrino or Malzahn, but then come back and say they aren’t fans of either one as a way of trying to sound objective.

While trying to be “objective” they think they can attack our coach and sometimes players. A majority of the fan base recognizes that Petrino was and IS a bad team member of the Athletic Complex and a liability as a recruiter; while the “objective” segment of the fan base acts as if he had done nothing bad enough to be fired. They feel like we should have kept him because he won and they wanted to be able to brag about winning. Jeff Long is highly regarded Nationally as a great AD but these objective fans say he sucks and should be the one that is fired.

These objective fans can’t see the terrible issues tied to Petrino but they could sure see his winning. They thought his recruiting was great and harp about BP’s class ranking, yet these objective fans never want to talk about BP’s retention, character related exits, and the amount of project players signed. He may have signed a #25 ranked class but 18 months later it was probably ranked in the 50’s. These objective fans can’t see that Tim Horton kept his first class intact (one of the best ARK HS groups ever) and then BP added Tyler Wilson and Joe Adams; but this class was the dominant force behind BP’s success. Most of those guys graduated or declared early before CBB took over. Smile had the last season with most of the talent and then it was handed to CBB. What CBB took over was a mess but these objective fans want to use those first 2 years against CBB at every opportunity. His record the last 2 years has been very good against a much stronger SEC West.

I agree. If you poke the tiger you better be prepared to get clawed.

I think we have a great coach. I get tired of the threads by people talking up some other coach, but I suppose it’s something we just have to live with anytime they have success.

As for CBB, this is his 4th season. Every season has been better than the one before. That alone should encourage all of us. With 3 games left, I am certain we’ll win at least one & confident we’ll win two. Won’t write off the chance of winning all of them. The only thing bad about this season is the margin of loss against Auburn. The A&M game was very competitive. Bama controlled us, but they’ve controlled everybody they played. We played them pretty well all things considered. So unless we bomb, we should finish 8-4, a good record in this league by anyone’s standards. If we finish 9-3, we should be looking at a prestigious bowl & a top 20 or better season. That’s not our goal, but it’s a darned good season. Considering what CBB inherited, he’s done wonders.

You did a great job painting the picture. This season is going much better than last season started. We are already bowl eligible, with about 2 wins possible out of our last 3 games. I think LSU’s defense is much better than last year, but their QB is not good enough to beat us. We should beat Misstake and Mizzery. We will be in a good spot at the end of the regular season.