Why wait?

It makes no sense to wait until Monday if it’s BLJ. I hope he is retained, but if he’s it, why would we wait. I’m thinking a surprise is coming.

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I am wondering the samething

Agreed. Waiting only makes it look certain that we stuck out on our preferred choices. (Which may be true, but we don’t have to broadcast it.)

Great Point.

Unless Yurachek, RF, and BOT all thought this was a done deal till OM swept in and now they have to find another guy.

Sounds like we put all of our eggs in one basket, like we did 2 years ago waiting for the Gus bus, and we didn’t have a backup plan and ended up with Morris .

Still makes no sense. You always put bad news out on Fridays. I think/hope that if it was going to be Lunney, they would have announced today. Just a gut feeling, there is something going on behind the scenes. They are smart enough to know fans will revolt at that decision. Not because BLJ isnt appreciated, but because this may be the most important hire the University has ever made.

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