Why wait

A change is going to occur at head coach and possibly AD. If a change is inevitable, why wait. Seems 3 schools in the sec get the jump on us as far as hiring a new coach.

No one is getting a jump on us. You can bet back channel discussions & feelers are out—even if they eecide to keep CBB. Getting or not getting a coach won’t turn on a 2 week head start.

Why wait, from what I understand there’s somewhere between 7 to 12 million reasons according to what you read and where. WPS

Per Matt Jones…the buyout number is $5.9 million.

Yes, I’m concerned we are behind Florida and Tennessee, but if Mike Norvell is the man…we should get our man.

Jeff Long knows the drill. He who hesitates is lost.

What makes you think any one is going to announce a current major college HC or coordinator as their new HC before Thanksgiving? If that’s not going to happen, an interim is only a Captain Obvious move that does not help anything. Plus the team has not quit on BB(unlike the Vols with Butch Jones) so letting him finish the year probably means a lot more competitive effort than what you are likely to see if Enos or Rhodes is named interim for the next two games, and let’s face it, one of those two guys would be the interim.

You also don’t know one way or the other if the other schools are ahead of us on hiring a new coach, or if everyone will be chasing the same guys. Plus you are assuming that the “hot” coaches will jump at the first offer they get and not see what else is out there.

It’s also pretty naïve to think that nothing is happening solely because an official announcement has not been made. The back channel stuff which typically paves the way for the actual brief negotiations may or may not have started already with the relevant agents. That may be nothing more than “He’d be interested/we’d be interested if the job came open” stuff, but it’s really unlikely that we’d be starting from scratch the Saturday after Thanksgiving, though that might be what goes out for public consumption.

It will be frantic the week after Thanksgiving, because everyone will try to get somebody hired at least ten days before the early signing period, and preferably two weeks. But that does not equal needing to name an interim for the last two games, because you are not going to hire a current HC or coordinator from any major school before the regular season finishes.

Do you believe that we will get the coach we want if those schools want him also?

In the SEC where do you think we fall of destinations?

Then I guess the Tennessee and Florida athletic directors are idiots. I agree back channel stuff is already in play for possibly more than head coach. If the decision has already been made and I believe it has. Why wait. Coaches are probably already looking ahead to next year at another school. Not sure how much coaching is really going on. Just I don’t see the advantages. You can make the decision and let him finish out the year.

Then I guess you think Jeff Long is an idiot.

The idea of firing coaches & not letting them finish the season is a recent thing. The usual way of firing coaches in the past was waiting until the final game was played. Just because the UF & UT AD’s before season’s end doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. It’s likely Sumlin & Luke won’t be kept, either, but their AD’s haven’t made an announcement. Are they idiots, too?

I don’t think a decision has been made. You have to line up 7-10 million for Brett and his staff plus buyout for new guy. That is a lot of money.

Florida bc or recruits is better, a &m is good for facilities and recruits. Tennessee has great facilities and close to Atlanta and Florida. Ole miss coach gets 7 years. All pretty attractive. We have shown that 5 years is all our fan base will wait on a coach no matter if players fit his system etc. all of that will weigh. It may be better to wait until next year. See what norcell turns into. Buyouts are less and team frankly should be better.

I know this…you don’t give in to Florida or Tennessee. You go toe to toe with them if you are in competition with the guy you want. How are you ever gonna field a championship team without a championship coach? For the most part, we have had coaches as good as either of those schools.

That 5.9 is from the University, but you better check and see what the foundation will have to put in. It will be a very, very big number I think. Between all the buyouts, etc., here and on what other end it turns out to be, it could well exceed 15 mil. That is a chunk of change. Who on here is going toup their donations to help write those checks? Let’s see just how badly you want a change. It only takes some pocket change.