Why us?

Why in the Sam Hill to we get ripped on bad calls, No calls in Huge Games, WHY??

Probably the same reason we square up a dozen swings, only to hit it right at them. Just never seems “meant to be” for us…except for that one year.

Yes, we have a good team…….but as always another team rises to the occasion.

I would say the safe call of Cayden Wallace at second base was pretty huge last night. He scored the winning run for us. If the ump had called him out, I think that call would also have been upheld on review. I think it was too hard to confirm either call with a review.

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At the Stanford game, they hit some hard balls at our fielders. Sometimes they fall and sometimes not. Luck needs to be on your side sometimes!!

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Baseball is truly a game of inches and fractions of a second.

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