Why Ty Storey will win the starting QB job....

Simply because he is the best quarterback on the roster imo and hope :slight_smile:

I watched Ty run the shotgun spread for Charleston when it won the state championship. He pretty much was their running game as well as their passer. He ran it well and may thrive in CCM’s system. Hope you are right. He never seemed comfortable in Enos’s pro system.

I think it’s CK to lose but then again I don’t value one over the other.

Thank you for your insight, Mr. Storey.

I wouldn’t rule anything out with a new sheriff in town. But IMO he has a very high mountain to climb to get there. It’s more likely that he transfers out than that he wins the starting job from what I’ve seen.

Unless Ty’s throwing motion has changed drastically I don’t see him ever starting for the razorbacks.

I’m leaning towards Hyatt or Kelly, than Noland. I think if ty was better than them he would’ve played by now, seeing is the oldest. I think Hyatt will be very good, and is the most athletic of all of the QBs.


Thank you for your insight, Mr. Storey.
Lol just would be awesome to see a four star home grown talent to lead the team to great heights

Well I guess since the Allen’s have gone from the Hill you have to find your next QB to belittle. I was wondering which one it was going to be. :smiley:

HogQ, I can not find the words in those posts that indicate an intent to belittle any one. Will you spell it out for those of us who are of the simple persuasion, please?

There may be a sleeper in this mix not on scholarship. It might be an old baseball player. Figure that one out!

A Aune last play football 2011. Although he is going through Spring practice, won’t his time away from football hold him back?

Understood. G.A.

I expect Austin Aune has been working on his QB mechanics. He must have a good arm already, plus the maturity of his age and baseball experience. I doubt he’ll be out of sync after a few practices. If anything, the speed of the game might be the thing that he has to adjust to the most. But, that would be the case for a true Freshman as well.

Aune is free insurance and another guy to force competition. He will have to get used to the fact that college defenders are a lot bigger and faster than what he remembers from high school, but he gets to go through spring ball to work through that transition.

I still think Cole will be the starter, and I would be really surprised if Ty was the starter. I look forward to seeing what Dalton can do, and based on his high school tape and having the benefit of a redshirt year, I think he will push Cole. It’s going to be a very interesting spring. I will be very surprised if all three of those guys stick around for next fall, which makes it likely Aune stays in the mix.

I don’t think they want to count on Noland being in the top three as a true freshman, though I am sure they would be delighted if he wins a spot. Aune is also good insurance if Noland makes a big jump in his baseball career and gets drafted high enough to draw big bucks.

We need at least two guys ready to play, because the QB is going to take some lumps in this system, by design.

With this new weaponized philosophy and system. I want the guy that strikes the most fear into a defense because of ALL that he is allowed to do, and can do.

If the term game manager is used to define our QB they should fire everyone.

Belittle is probably the wrong word; therefore, I will apologize for using it. But Fred has a history of criticism of the Allen brothers and his implication that the OP was Mr. Storey implies Ty would be unworthy of the OP’s opinion. Maybe it would be more accurate to say Tuschawg’s favorite QB is whoever is not starting. It was all said in jest so don’t get your britches in a wad. It’s called an emoticon and used for a reason.

No wad here. I just quit looking at the pictures when I turned 9. The real message is more likely to be in the words.

There are some I never take serious any more. Cause I know their track record. And that’s fair.

I guess you’ve never heard a picture is worth a thousand words. There’s a good reason that is said. Perhaps you should reconsider… :roll:

6 years is a long time. Do you think he can get his MOJO back by September?