Why the struggles getting pressure?

LSU game self explanatory. We weren’t sending just 3. We sent 4 and 5. I look at our DL on paper and it does not match up with the film.

The same reason MO couldn’t get pressure on our first time starter this season. Both OLs dominated both DLs. It was great to see our OL play their best game of the season but not so great to see our DL play so poorly.

I think right now we don’t have the talent to get pressure with 4 and don’t have the talent to cover if we rush more than 4…still would like to see us mix it up a bit.

That being said I think we are getting the effort from the players, we just need more dudes.

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We have some guys who can plug holes on the DL, but they simply cant get around an OL. Just not athletic enough. It’s a real deficiency.

Losing Morgan was a huge loss for us. That allowed MO to take advantage over the middle. We just don’t have the depth to handle that loss. Gonna have to recruit ourselves into the top tier of the SEC. I’m confident that will happen with this staff, but it’s gonna take more than a year.

This game may finally become a rivalry. Mizzou coach is from Arkansas. There were at least three key players wearing black from Arkansas. Barry Odom has to be sick today. You know how bad he wanted that game. People can criticize the defense, but in the age of offense, even Alabama has trouble when their offense plays fast and puts them on the field too long and they have depth.

I looked at the stats. Jonathan Marshall had only one tackle. We had one sack and one QB hurry, both by Coates, and several penalties on the DL for offsides. Four other TFLs by Pool, Foucha, Morgan and Clark. I think they double-teamed 42 and were able to handle the rest of the line straight up. But Misery only had one sack which was their only TFL.

Marshall is by far our best defensive lineman and he is exhausted… played far too many snaps against nine SEC teams. The lack of depth is bad even by our standards. He’s going to the NFL and think he’s on vacation.

I have no idea how he’s played all the snaps he played. like most every game, and that LSU game, where he was by himself on DL…man, I really felt for him.


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