Why the slow start, especially on the road?

With continuous slow starts, we were walking on a thin ice; it was bound to crack sooner or later. My answer to the above question: We play cautiously without confidence on the road. At home we feel comfort and confident at presence of our fan’s. We work the ball, run drive and shoot in the flow of the game. On the road we play tight as a drum, hesitant and pass up opportunities in fear of mess up. It is the coaches job to prepare them mentally and reassure them to play their game and don’t worry about missed shots or normal mistakes that occur in the course of a game. Just play. We see other teams do it every day.
My observation of the game:
•\tDefense – We gave them too many open lanes to drive, open short shots, and offensive rebounds. (FG: 62% at the half, 50% overall). A tight zone would have closed the lanes, give them one shot, rebound and run. We lost the game on defense.
•\tWe did not have inside game.
•\tThe guards did not drive in the zone and create anything (except Barford)
•\tLack of skilled Forwards to drive, shoot, and rebound.

We don’t have all the elements of a superb team. It is good enough with a little luck, still make it to the dance. I think MA has glued himself to his seat, hot or not, with the future recruits. What happens this year is not going to have a bearing on it. It is hinged on what happens in the next couple years.