Why the Ole Miss Feed on the main page?

Why is Ole Miss opening with Texas Tech in 2018 newsworthy enough for the main page feed? I’d prefer another Hog story or, if about Ole Miss, how their pay-to-play scandal is about to get them the death penalty.

I would think it is because Arkansas is in the SEC so it is important to keep up with the other teams as well when something occurs within the conference.

News about how the NCAA is going to bomb Ole Miss back to the Stone Age? Yeah, I’m interested in that. News about a neutral site football game? Nah.

When you put up a story like the Ole Miss game with Houston…you have run out of stuff to talk about.

Entering the dawg daze. Anything interesting is few and far between. Usually the only hog news that breaks this time of year is bad news anyways.

Any story about Ole Miss, Oxford should reference the exposing hypocrisy of the Right Reverend II - brother Hugh Freeze.