Why the 3-4 could help vs TCU

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“We were dead tired last year,” Agim said. “They would snap the ball when we weren’t ready.”

Could this be part of the explanation of our implosions in the 2nd half, especially Missouri and Va Tech?

I would think it contributed to it. A lack of depth that still isn’t as good as it could be will certainly cause players to play tired. Think that problem has gotten better but still can be an issue.

The fatigue was compounded by an offense that couldn’t stay on the field and/or finish drives because we couldn’t run the ball.

That’s different now. AA and his boys have to hog the clock and score points this Sat.

Do that and Arkansas wins.

And that comes back to the much discussed Oline (as it nearly always does). We will see if this patchwork is a real line or just another pretender. That will pretty much determine the game.

If the Oline can get a push and make some holes it will be a tired TCU defense. The hogs get a bye week after the TCU game. It would be nice for the powers to be to get us a bye in week 5 or 6.
Fatigue killed our defense last year. Let’s hope the offense chews up clock and scores TD’s. Don’t get in a FG contest aginst TCU.

Our trio of Froholdt, Ragnow and Clary are much better than you give them credit. We will need to run straight at the TCU speed and that means we run between the center and guards. Our tackles are just ok after the first 3 drives against FAMU.