Why Stetson Bennett & the Pirate may never

… get in the CFB Hall of Fame. Hint: they have rules.


Josh Pate had a good take on this a week or two ago. He said if Mike Leach and Stetson Bennett don’t meet the requirements for the Hall of Fame, you need to change your criteria for selection.


I know the issue with Leach, but what’s the one with Stetson Bennett? (I can’t make it through the paywall.)

I’m interested in this too; living in Georgia and watching a lot of his games. He was a walk on, and only 5’11", and I don’t believe he was recruited by any SEC school; went JUCO out of HS. Of course UGA was very good the past two seasons. 247 says he had 1 offer from UMass. Probably ran off at least one 5 Star.

Bennett is not eligible because he was never a first-team All-American.

Simple conclusion: dumb rules.

Actually, Bennett went to UGA first. Then he transferred to a JUCO before transferring back to UGA. No matter, the rule is that each nominee must be a first team AA.

One issue, [Archie] Manning pointed out, is those All-America teams have multiple spots for some positions — guards, tackles, wide receivers, defensive ends, etc. — but only one for quarterback, center and tight end.

Well, he’s a first team All American on my team. So, I guess that should make him qualified.

Stupid rule….plain and simple!

Anyone remember the unwritten rule that “Sophomores can’t win the Heisman”?

That one still irks me… DMac was robbed!

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Yes, he was. Of course, politics is all about favoritism for sale.

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So if you were the second best player in the history of college football but just happened to play the same position at the same time as the absolute best player in the history of college football, you wouldn’t qualify? Ridiculous.

I was on the All-America committee for the Football Writers of America Association.

We got a nomination for Trevor Lawrence during his junior year. He was having a good year. But several were as good or better.

The nomination from the SID at Clemson said please consider him because he can’t be considered for the Hall of Fame if he’s not first team All America. He did make it with our committee. But I did not use that warning as consideration. Two separate conversations in my opinion.

Rules are rules. But don’t take someone else’s rules and ask me to do something that’s not right.

I think they’ll figure out some way to tweak the rules and get the Pirate and Bennett into the HOF. Erk Russell (also mentioned in the article), not so much.

Who & when we’re “the CFB-HOF” rules derived?

We never know who “they” might be - ever.

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