Why so much love...

For Deon Stewart? All defenses have to do is sneeze and he goes down. Storey also has to throw a perfect ball because he doesn’t adjust to it in the air. Almost cost us early.

Probably because he has SEC speed. Which is rare on our team.

not according to MSU broadcasters, Stewart was open and got closed by a CB named Burks easily even though said CB is much bigger. The other point that mattered to me while listening was lack of arm strength by Storey on that play. Hard to believe how bad we are by MSU broadcast.

It does not take a MSU broadcaster to see we are bad.

I remember some questioning why this staff was pursuing so many WRs in recruiting given how many are on the roster.

Now we know

It’s not exactly a secret. Although it doesn’t show much class for a broadcaster to discuss some of the issues they do!
There will come a day when we have as much talent and speed as Moo U.

That’s about to be cured next year. Wouldn’t surprise me to see woods and 3 freshman starting receivers next year.

We currently have a pack of soft receivers who cannot block or get separation.

Hands down our 2nd worst position on the team. I hope the recruits can infuse
some talent, speed, and toughness to this lacluster group.

He didn’t close on him. The ball was severely under thrown. I agree that it’s odd we keep going to him but that was a TD if thrown even close to where it should have been.

Agreed, but Stewart still has to do his job and go back to the ball. He was completely fine with just letting it drop in for 50/50 chance of getting intercepted.

Deon does have excellent speed. I don’t care what MSU broadcasters say. I have eye-sight. He also apparently works his ass off and had a great attitude.

That doesn’t change the fact the he’s smaller than me. And I’m 5-8 170.