why simultaneous games?

women vs OM was well attended ( looked more full on ESPN watch than Baum), and was simultaneous. I know SEC is in charge of schedule and Sunday is particularly limited. How often has that happened? I got to watch some of both and got double wins :smiley: . I wondered if it complicated logistics any to have a simultaneous event like that?

Were there really 7k at Baum? did not look like that from the ESPN broadcast perspective. Anyone know women attendance? looked like a good crowd.

Yes there were 7k at men’s game.The women’s game did not start until 4:00-approximately the time the men’s game should have been over. Obviously the men’s game ran much longer.Yesterday the women started at 3:00 and men were scheduled for 6:00. They are trying to avoid conflicts in my opinion.

Softball box score says the attendance at Bogle was 1401.

Hog Pen looked quite full when they showed shots of that area. You can overcome a lot of vacant green at Baum with folding chairs over there. Official attendance at Baum was 9201, but as usual that’s tickets sold.

I doubt it caused any problems logistically. SECN didn’t seem to have any problems doing two simultaneous telecasts, and the ballparks are far enough apart (and a 3-hour start time difference, which was mitigated by a 4:27 walkfest at Baum) that I doubt traffic was any kind of issue.

It was pretty obvious that some of the Baum crowd left well before the game ended. It was a very long game. Some might have left to go to Bogle.