Why Petrino to A&M won't work

Written 3 weeks ago, still just as valid.

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I couldn’t agree more. It may work for a white but not for a full season and Fisher wants full control and that will not work with Petrino . To bad they are both good coaches just not together!

From the article (emphasis is mine):

“I can’t begin to imagine what that’s going to look like,” the former [Arkansas] Petrino assistant told me. “I’ve never been around a more dysfunctional and demeaning environment than what we had (at Arkansas). I thought, well, he’s just coaching hard. No, it was humiliation at times — for players and coaches.”


Believe & hopeful that the CBP/CJF relationship turns out as disasterous as the article predicts for aTm. aTm spends so much $ & usually achieves dysfunction which has been their history & apparently their next chapter.

Commons sense tells you that. I predict some very, very intense meetings in the near future.


They better sweep that room for bugs. That audio could be worth $$$! :joy::joy:


Not sure how long either of those coaches will stay at A/M but, it made our job playing them a lot harder.

Oh, I don’t know. Hogs-Aggies is their fifth game of 2023; before us, they play at Miami and at home against Auburn. A 2-2 start (or worse) and some offensive floundering and the fireworks may have already begun. Remember that BP’s first Arkansas team finished 5-7 and had to upset LSU in Miracle on Markham 2 to get to that level. And he had a veteran QB (Casey Dick).

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Expectations & hopeful that is only temporary. Either BP or JF or both will be gone after one season.

We can’t beat A/M with bad play calling… BP is a lot of bad things, but play calling is not one of them.

They should have hired a Cub Scout Scoutmaster. :sunglasses:

Has anyone pointed out yet that they are setting up to fire Jimbo and move Petrino into the top spot? I didn’t bother reading all, or any, of this.

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So you think aTm, with supposedly unlimited resources, is going to push out their $95 million coach with a National Championship on his resume and give the keys of the kingdomr to a guy that just went 18-15 at Missouri State?

I really don’t understand the continuing love affair with Petrino.

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So you think anything they do in Aggieland is connected to logic or reality? They “expected” to compete for a national championship on the big stage of the SEC. They “expected” a national championship to come quickly on the heels of the hiring of a championship winning coach. They “expected” a championship, or great strides toward that with "the greatest recruiting class ever. How much patience do you think they have, based on past history?

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Oh I have no doubt they’ll fire Jimbo, but with their resources they’ll go find a lot better coach than Petrino to take his place.

Yes. Petrino is supposed to lend Fisher his motorcycle and let the rest take care of itself.


They paid jimbo 98mm. Why do you think they have a clue on who is “better” coach. ?!

Has Bobby’s salary been reported yet? I have not found it.

Amen to BP but that is true for just about anyone we play and we have shown a tendency to do that very thing in some of our games.

Have you forgotten? BP went undefeated as Arkansas’ coach.