Why, oh why?

Sorry if someone already posted about this - I haven’t been on the board since Saturday’s game - but I can’t be the only one that’s noticed that every one of Devwah’s rushing attempts to date has been inside the tackles. I have no problem with those calls, but WHY has he not been given at least one chance to run outside yet?

I know we have the “Student Body right” play, because we run it with Rawleigh 2 or 3 times a game (usually, with positive results). It just seems to me that DW would be a natural on that play. I’ve been waiting all 3 games to see him get a chance to run wide . . . and I’m still waiting.

To those that will pipe in and say something like “here we are 3-0 and you’re complaining about play calling?” . . . no, that’s not it. I support our coaches and really do not have a complaint about how things have been going. I just don’t get why you wouldn’t want to try Devwah on something other than an up-the-middle run at least once in a while. That’s all. Plus, I’m Jonesing to see him cut it loose around the corner.

I agree, would love to see it also.

But, if you watch the play where he tripped on the lineman or his own feet, it was a touchdown. He was about to from 0 - 60 in 2 seconds.

I am hoping this is a board where someone can post things like this without others complaining about it as you stated. Where good discussion can happen without being attacked. Good post!

I don’t know how much we will run wide against the Aggies, based on their team speed. I’m sure we will try a sweep or two just to give them something to think about/see if it works, but I would expect to see more stuff tackle to tackle, where we’ve gouged them the last two years, and which forces them to commit safeties to run defense.

Agree with this. If a team has great pursuit speed, you do one of two things (or maybe both): Run right at them to neutralize that speed; or run misdirection and let that speed take people right out of the play. That’s how we beat OU in the '78 Orange Bowl; we saw on film that their D would take itself right out of the play when we did certain things, and we did those things over and over and over.

The coaches probably knew exactly what they wanted Whaley to work on.

I would like to see a screen to Whaley with some of our big boys in front clearing the way!