Why O?

The list of what should be the highest considerations of the next Arkansas head coach usually included a dynamic offensive scheme.
I do not remember seeing a dynamic defensive scheme included as a higher priority. My question is simply why is this?
What has killed this team the last three seasons is a miserable defense. The offense has been good enough to win most of the time, but the defense would not allow it.
If all eyes are on offense in the decision making then whomever is the choice had better bring a good defensive coordinator with him or I just don’t see where things are going to change.
Did you know? Out of 130 teams SMU this season was 122 in total defense and 121 in pass defense.
What was Arkansas’s miserable defense? The Hogs were 100 overall and 87 in passing defense. See my point?
Considering the quality of competition the two teams faced and you have a VERY scary scenario no matter how good the offense is.
One more point. 63 of 66 players on the SMU roster are from Texas. So it appears despite the magic of Texas players you can still have a nightmare defense if all you focus on is offense.
Just a few things to think about before Chad Morris is named head coach. I think I would feel better if we were getting a defensive genius. After all this is the SEC we are talking about.

I here what your saying and I believe we are going to pony up major cash to get a great DC.Venenbles would be grand slam but will believe it when I see it…but I am pretty sure we are banking on upgrading what he had at SMU.will have too!

Offense and defense…you have to be good at one or the other to be competitive. In this situation, offense is the quicker fix in order to stabilize the situation and be more competitive. Then you go to work on the defense…