Why Not?

How come the NFL has a few preseason games, as does college basketball, but nada for college football. I don’t get it.

Why play a Portland State (bloomin awful AA results for 2018), when you could play, e.g., a Texas Tech, without penalty as a practice game.

Playing a better group would enable better practice and evaluation results, and might put more fannies in the seats. Playing Portland State produces nothing except a home “W”…something that’s taking place nearly everywhere else – it’s a nothing game and doesn’t even provide valid film.

I guess I’m suggesting reducing one non conference nothing game for a potentially good practice game.

NFL plays preseason because they have to cut down the roster to 53. They could do that strictly based on practice but they prefer to have some game action to look at. Starters get a few plays to knock the rust off (some of them), then sit down.

But college football has something the pros don’t: Spring practice with a spring game. OTAs are not the same thing. That’s our preseason, in April.

I believe NFL owners are pushing AGAIN to cut the PRE and add to the REGULAR :sunglasses:

I don’t think that’s really going to happen, unless they make a rule that each player can only play 16 of the 18 games. Players are not going to sign off on more games for the same money, which is what the owners want.

They add two more real games, the injury issues are just going to get that much worse. Other option would be larger rosters in exchange for the extra games, but owners aren’t likely to go for that.

I agree with swine, they may cut the preseason to two but I see no reason to expand the regular season. The players would be foolish to have that much more injury concern. And I do not think the long term inury settlement has been made yet and it could a be huge cost to the owners.