Why not try a FG up 18 w/5 minutes left.....

that’s what I want the media to ask after the game. That was the perfect time to give Limpert some experience.

I don’t understand (not to mention Allen took a big hit)


I thought certain he would use that opportunity. Agreed.

That would make sense to kick the field goal! It would also make sense to have Cole Kelly in the game playing in the 4 th quarter. Someone needs to send Coach B a news flash he doesn’t have another Allen next year.
This is part of prep that you need to do to build your team! I don’t understand it.

He’s so weird about some things. Wastes lots of opportunities.

He referenced analytics as a reason.

I agree with you guys that it would’ve made sense to try a FG at that point. That way Limpert has something under his belt and you’re not running the risk of trotting him out for his first kick in Columbia with 4 seconds left for a 38-yarder to tie the game.

Bull hockey.

He can be really stubborn at times.

See … I will run it 5 times in a row with 11 in the box.

See … i will not play reserves regardless of score

I think he was pissed off from all the heat he took the last two weeks on special teams . He wasn’t going to have another talking point.

Would loved to have heard the analytics if AA had gotten hurt and couldn’t play rest of year.

What did he even mean regarding analytics?

What would the fans have posted if he missed?

What we do in SC if he missed?

How would he feel if he missed?