Why not take the penalty? Dudley or Clay please ask at PC

4th and 7 and we punt. However Auburn was off sides, but for some unexplained reason we did not take the penalty . Why?..
Our punts weren’t really good 36-38 yds. Why not punt again and put them back 5 more yards … Or
Possibly Auburn jumps offsides again and we get a first down. Or
Maybe we could run our now famous or infamous fake punt play and it actually has a chance be we only need 2 yards


The best I can explain is they are running scared of failure, since Auburn did come close to blocking that punt.

I was asking the same thing. Same as others in my section. We were all confused. Shoot, it was not a good punt. Take the five yards, get better field position. Or, maybe, they commit another infraction and we get a first down. Hmmmm.

Auburn averages 13 yards on punt returns, one of the best units in the SEC. That’s one of their most dangerous areas. I think that’s the reason.

Fair point. Just illuminates the coaching scared mentality we have.

I was in the opposing team;s press comferences as I have been the last few years.

I see a lot of happy players and coaches in there.

What about the fumble on the first possession? I thought it was debatable thavhis arm was going forward…no one questioned it, but it looked really close to me and they did not even give s slo mo replay of it. It was bang bang cause he was in a throwing motion.

I thought it would get reviewed as well, but did think it was the proper call after looking it over again.

I thought it was a sound decision. Our punter doesn’t have a big leg, so a 38 yard punt and no return is about all you can expect from that field position.