Why not Sumlin?

I would rather have Malzahn, and I like what I read on Norvell, but if you want someone that has SEC experience with some degree of success then he is qualified. Also has bonafide experience recruiting in Texas.


That’s what I have been saying as well.

I posted this very thing recently.

Sumlin is the only A&M coach to ever have a winning record versus Arkansas, undefeated to be exact. Never had a losing season and gone to a bowl game every year. It’s like an Aggie joke that gets him fired. LOL. Thank goodness for us.

But on that note-- I think he would be a great coach for Arkansas.

My problem with Sumlin is that his teams fall apart in November. Every November. You’re not going to win championships, or even 10 games, if you go 1-3 after Halloween (he’ll be 2-2 this November after they take their whuppin’ from LSU tonight, but one of those was a nonconference cupcake). He obviously can recruit Texas very well, and it might be that an African-American coach could help keep some of the black talent from leaving Arkansas.

He’s not the worst candidate we could hire from those who will be on the market, I think, but I also think we can do better.

What makes anyone think he can win in the same divison with less talent?

My choices: Gus or Mike Norvell, then Sumlin. Any of those guys would be okay, In my view. Mike Gundy would be my first choice, but I don’t think that is remotely possible. Is it?

This may sound petty, but I just could not take an Aggie reject. I have too much pride for that.

Great point, this is the same reason Gus would not come here

One other point, do you want a coach who is afraid of the pressure to be your coach?

Gus doesnt like the constant pressure so he leaves.
Fits the country perfectly, " you hurt my feelings so i’m going home"

All I’m saying is after Houston, and his first year at Texas A&M, he was the “darling/hot coach” that everyone had to have (like Norvell, Frost, Campbell, etc). He has been through the fire and that counts for something in my eyes.

Bielema’s fixation on Florida was a mistake, and while it produced Collins, Kirkland and Pulley, it produced a whole bushel load of washouts. That would have been time better spent in Texas. I think Sumlin has a proven record recruiting there and you know he will be supremely motivated to prove the Aggies wrong.

One last important note is you save millions since you don’t have a buyout to deal with.

Gus and Norvell are my top choices but I’d certainly rather have Sumlin than either Leach or Kiffin.

I feel the same way.

Bielema had too many washouts no matter where we recruited, including Texas. Evaluation, failure to coach them up, whatever. There is no evidence his washout rate would have been any better if we had completely ignored Florida and focused on Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

What about the DC at Clemson?

I’m not into coordinators.