Why not start KJ?

S Jones is scrappy and all and we love him, but KJ was electric in his debut and arguably the future with NFL potential if developed.

So KJ makes some growing pain mistakes. It’s not like we are going bowling.

We haven’t seen either KJ or JSJ much, but I have no problem starting Jones. As dynamic as KJ looked, it was still a very limited time. I expect we’ll see both.

Because JSJ has played well in both his appearances. KJ will get plenty of playing time over the next few weeks.

Until KJ gets a little more game experience it could be better bringing him in after game starts may not be as nervous that way

Maybe they are asking these guys to earn it and not just giving it to someone. They must think that JSJ has earned it.

I hope they have to earn it

It’s time for KJ to play, but is it time for him to start?

I don’t think JSJ has done anything that he should be passed over for to this point.


No disagreement with any of the comments at all.

Just thought all things relatively equal, announcing KJ as the starter might help sell tickets as well.

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the crowd seemed excited to see JSJ come in too.

The crowd was happy to see JSJ, no doubt. But then again anybody who had trotted out there but maybe me or Starkel would have been welcome after poor old Ben Hicks.

But when KJ came in the place kind of got electric.

I actually think for this week letting JSJ start is the better option. WKU is sound on defense(for their conference) and no doubt will have some wrinkles this week. I like the idea of KJ coming in after we see how they are playing us for two or three series, and after they get used to seeing JSJ out there.

I think they were most happiest to see Hicks join Starkel on the sidelines.

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I love Jefferson, but agree it might be better right now to let JSJ get the start. He’s definitely shown he’s ready to do so. But I’m sure, we’ll see a lot of Jefferson Saturday.

Well, announcing SJS as the starter may help sell the most important tickets of all. Jerry Jones and family. Shortly, we may need lots of help ($) from the elder Mr. Jones. We want him to be a happy, happy Razorback alumnus just in case. :wink:

Seriously, I agree with Dudley. What has JSJ done to drop back a notch in the rotation? I’m sure they will both see the field.

IMO, it’s very similar to the scenario we had coming into this season. Hicks started NOT because he was judged to be the more talented QB - but he was perceived to be the more experienced QB that gave them the best chance to win THAT game. Most expected Starkel to take over pretty quickly, and he did.

It would not surprise me at all if Jefferson overtakes and replaces JSJ as the starter sooner than later, but with 1 1/2 year of practice (as opposed to KJ just arriving on campus this summer and having no spring practices), one would guess JSJ is the better alternative today. In any event, I believe it will be mu ch more entertaining to watch the two of them compete for the job than it has been to watch what has been playing in front of them up till now.

Both will play. Surely Morris will go with the hot QB. If neither are
playing good, alternate series until 1 either plays better or plays so bad that they need to sit with Hicks and Starkel.

it won’t matter who we start at quarterback. heck they can start me or dudley, lol, if the defense is as pathetic as it was last week. from what i read, short passes, don’t let the rush get to quarterback, good running game, dominate time of possession. if chavis or whoever is calling the defense plays 10 yards off the receivers and gives them the short pass, well we are probably doomed. wish we would line up and play in their face man to man with a deep safety. rush 3, put 8 back in coverage, if were not going to get a sack anyway. not sure if blitz will work if they can get it to hot receiver. who the heck knows what chavis will come up with. if the past is any indication, it won’t be good. on offense, whoever plays quarterback, craddock needs to come up with ways for us to friggin score. this 3 and out bs aint gonna cut it. let it all hang out.

The water boy could suit up and run onto the field at this point to run the offense and it would be a breathe of fresh air!
I hope JSJ and KJ both have good outings and gain experience. I sure don’t want to see Hicks or Starkel.
The most glaring problem the Hogs have had this season has been the poor QB play and CCM owns those poor decisions.
There’s no doubt in mind that JSJ or KJ could have done better with this team all season long than what the others have done.

JSJ GHG! KJJ Gotta play! Now how much fight does this team have left? How much pride? Are they a divided team at this point? Sure hope they can pull together and at least give us a suprrficially better season than last year.

If we’re depending on CCM to develop KJ then we’re in a big heap of crapola based on what we’ve seen CCM developing Hicks and Starkel. QB whisperer he’s not.

KJ looks to be the future and I hope they play him enough to find out for sure but having Jerry’s grandson as one QB option and the head coach’s son as the future option may be a soap opera in the making. Jones has certainly earned his opportunity but if KJ is the future then he needs to be playing. It is obvious that KJ is a great running option and if you are a coach who wants to run a dual threat offense then I do not know how you don’t play this guy.

I sure hope KJ becomes the next MJ! We need some sparks and creativity like Matt Jones brought to the table. That could really save the team’s recruiting as well.