Why not SEC vs rest of P6 annual challenge

SEC has a goal to upgrade non-conference schedule for SEC teams to help get more teams into the NCAAs. SEC already has a SEC-Big 12 annual challenge. Why not negotiate an annual challenge against ACC, Big Ten, Big EAST and PAC12.

That would be 5 quality non-conference games and make the job of guys like Anyhony Ruta a lot easier.

This seems like the obvious thing to do, but has not happened. So, there must be a reason for it. Any thoughts?

It’s getting harder to squeeze these in. The ACC and Big Ten each have 20 conference games. We have 18; so do the LD and Pac-12. If you’re going to get to play 31 games, you have to have an exempt event which takes up three or four of those 31 games; the conference challenges are not considered an exempt event. If you don’t play in an exempt event you can only have 28 regular season games. We already have the Big 12 Challenge. The Challenges don’t get Ruta out of trying to schedule the four games in the exempt event.

So 18 SEC games, four exempt event games and the LD Challenge leaves 8 games to be scheduled. For a Big Ten or ACC team, that’s 6 games (and they play each other in their Challenge).

Oh, and one other consideration. The PTB want 18 games in BWA and one in NLR. To do that you have to have rent a wins, beyond the exempt event and the nine SEC home games. A Challenge is going to be like a non-conference home and home, except you don’t know who you’ll play from year to year. We’ve had three home and homes tops, including the LD Challenge, since the SEC went to 18 games. And everybody else in the P6 also wants their rent a wins to fill up the season ticket package.

Good points. I didn’t mean to say Ruta’s job goes away. Just that it will make it easier.

I think Big 12 has challenges against us and Big East. Hopefully SEC can get at least one more, hopefully ACC.

If you cut the home schedule to 16 + 1 another challenge is more feasible. But that’s giving up 11.1% of the season ticket revenue unless you jack up the per-game price to compensate.

Maybe the challenge could be a neutral site game and teams so revenue can be split. But I agree there are scheduling and revenue challenges. Love it from fan perspective though.

I think they tried challenges at neutral sites and couldn’t sell tickets.

Good point again. Yeah,it has to be the right site and finding one for every game might be difficult.

You could do double-headers at neutral sites but then you’d have to split the revenue four ways so you might not gain anything.

I’m with PJ. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed like the the Big East had a conference challenge last year with every league but the SEC. Even with all the changes, the Big East is still very much a legit basketball conference. Let’s play them. I personally won’t mind not scheduling West Missouri Oklahoma Tech if we can play a Big East team. And I don’t care where we play them.

Yeah. I agree. It is just that I would love to see us play one team from each of the P6 conferences each year. But we know it is so hard for us to schedule a home and home series. So, I am hoping the inter conference challenges will force that to happen. Maybe at least with ACC. I would like to see Duke, North Carolina having to venture into BWA.

The only challenge I see listed for the Big East is Big 12 (Baylor played Butler for instance). We had a Big East challenge at one time but it went away when the Big East football schools left.

Big East used to have a challenge series with ACC and Big Ten. They have been discontinued. I believe Jeremy is remembering that.

I think the early-season tournaments and exempt events would have to go away for an idea like that to get any traction. Imagine being the SEC’s representative at the Maui Invitational, then be told that five other nonconference games must be against other power-conference teams, in addition to an 18-game conference schedule.

I’m not sure Kentucky would even sign up for that kind of schedule.

I can understand the revenue issue making it not possible. But if SEC is afraid of too big of portion of the schedule being too tough, let’s quit the big talk of upgrading the schedule and paying someone in the SEC office full time to oversee the scheduling. Let’s leave it to the Anthony Rutas of the world to do the best they can with scheduling.

I think they can have 18 conference games, 3 to 5 inter-conference challenges and still have 4 to 6 cupcakes in the regular season.

Using last two years nonconference opponents, this is what it woulda looked like as challenge and no change. 2018-2019 Indiana home game was Big 10 Challenge, Ga Tech home game ACC challenge, at Texas Tech Big 12 Challenge. Last season with no changes At Indiana Big 10 challenge, at Ga Tech in Acc challenge and home v TCU Big 12. Power 5 teams usually build in 2-3 power conference teams a year a flip home and home. You should never play all three on road like Hogs did. So Ga Tech shoulda been in Atlanta in 2018 not BWA and then in BWA last year. Instead of at W Kentucky Hogtoppers last year and hosting year before. That was nonconference game in big east challenge Home then road. Problem with Big East is only 10 teams like Big 12 so every school cant participate. What am I missing budget wise from required home games.

If we can schedule 3 P5 opponents each year, we don’t need challenges. But it is so difficult to bring top teams from those conferences to BWA. The reason I brought up Challenge Series is it forces those teams to come here.

As far as why we played all three Indiana, Georgia Tech and WKU at home last year, I think following may be the reason. The staff knew that we were on the road for the Big 12 challenge plus we were scheduled to play in a holiday tournament in Puerto Rico (think it was in PR, but it got cancelled). They knew we had a freshman laden team with 9 newcomers and tried to have no more than 4 games they thought they were playing away from BWA.

Great point on scheduling as they also had neutral court wink wink in Texas to open the season and were a made free at end that allowed ot loss. I thought it was too challenging despite being home with 3 of 4. I did in challenge to hopefully rotate a Duke, NC, Villanova Butler Ohio St and Michigan.
Look at how Coach Sutton scheduled 1982-1983 when he had young team but not youngest in country. Without Scott Hastings, Tony Brown, Keith Peterson and Brad Friess, he knew to schedule to allow Big Joe develop confidence in first year as Hog, Darrell and Alvin settle in together, late Leroy Sutton and Charles Balentine learn their roles with additional minutes and find way to keep McD AA’s Ricky Norton and Willie Cutts top pg in country happy with minutes behind Darrell, Alvin and shooter John Snively. He played two easy road teams by todays standards Centenary and in Jersey vs St Peters.
They won 14-16 in row to open year and Nebraska was only power6 team. Beat Wake before losing in Barnhill to Phi Slamma Jamma. I was at game front center court section C thanks to luck of Coach Sutton pulling a lottery number by mine.

Btw, the Big 10 v Big East is 8 team challenge called the Gavitt Games. Problem is with talent coming up in the state, do we really want Duke, Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Michigan St, Ohio St, Villanova, DePaul or Georgetown coming to town. Players may be enamoured with getting into bigger or different ponds like Archie, Malik and Keyvaughn. Mike took Jimmy Whitt initially over K Allen who wasnt interested in instate Hogs. I think multiple years of Anthlon Bell and Michael Qualls was better to program than 1 year of Archie. I also take 2 years of Macon and Barford over 1 year of Malik. The 2017 team woulda been Sweet 16 material if Whitt had stayed and versus showing Jacorey the road had asked him to redshirt and do community service that Beard did and apologize to bouncer. The Heels would have gone down even with bad calls. Just a dreamer! Maybe in one of next few years Coach Muss breaks 24 years and counting.

I was thinking that with teams Duke coming in on a regular basis, those will be national TV games that could raise profile of the program and help recruiting.

As it is Arkansas is going to have a tough time scheduling national TV games unless we win big. I mean big. It is almost a chicken or egg situation in getting major out of state talent and winning big.

Nolan kind of lucked out with the demise of Memphis State, leading to signing of Huery and Day. And then of course Nolan’s coaching took over and rest is history,

I was in Memphis at that time when Dana Kirk court case was going on. Mr Clyde Fletcher senior my neighbor knew every top kid in Memphis and their families. His son Clyde Fletcher Whitehaven had skills too. Mr Fletcher no longer with us. We almost had Penny but I think Nolan convinced the mom but grandmom ran that house.
Fortunately in addition to fertile Memphis, we struck gold with Lee Mayberry whose sister was married to Nolans son, then Big O Fort Worth, Darrell Hawkins Houston and Warren Linn Tulsa.
Back then we were higher up food chain in recruiting. None of those kids were home grown. Qualls told me that we never gonna get top out of state players until they ranked in top 20 all season or a deep tourney run by beating blue blood. Players look at recent high level not 1994.
Whiffing after getting either campus visits or commitments by Virginia Final Four MOP D’Andre Hunter from Philly, Zaire Smith Dallas to Texas Tech and Perry to Miss.
St. Imagine D Hunter taking those shots Gabe was missing or the improved maligned press if athletes like D Hunter and Zaire Smith were executing at the Pressey roam position In state is good but will need Memphis, Tulsa and Dallas contributing a few players to roster consistently to be deep run capable at any time.