Why not run the wheel route for Boyd?

I don’t really know the x’s and o’s of the game of football because I never played the sport on an organized team, but I do see this play working like a charm for a big gain. Rakeem Boyd has very good hands. Why not let him come out of the backfield and go down the sidelines and get him a nice 20-25 yard catch and maybe take it to the house? Against Vanderbilt, there was nobody on the strong side of the coverage sometimes and he might be single covered. Bobby Petrino used that play so well.

LSU has some stud cornerbacks, but we gotta try somethin’ to move the ball. I just always liked it, and Boyd could run it.

A play that goes east and west against that speed may be a loss of 3 or more yards. I don’t think we have the scheme establish wish our personnel to make it work. I would like to see the north and south plays

The coaches have shown little creativity – I think because we lack the OLine, QB, and WRs to create the threat scenario. If Boyd is our only offensive talent, the defense will play Boyd.

We have run wheel routes with our backs. QB has not had the time to wait for the back to get open, the linebacker/safety covers them easily, and/or he failed to hit him. One thing opens up because another threat draws them out of position. Wheel routes work better when the O-line blocks and there are strong threats the defense has to vigourously respond to on the other side of the field. One thing sets up another. When the defense has enough speed and strength to easily pressure the QB with just a few rushers leaving lots of equally fast people to cover you, plenty of speed over the runner/receiver to cover them or run them down, etc. then plays don’t work so well. When you have the speed and/or strength edge, they have to over compensate and leave themselves vunerable elsewhere. We ain’t there yet. JMVVVVVHO

They have called at least four for Boyd - one complete, one incomplete (and it would have been a big gain) and two others where the QB was sacked.

The 5th time is the charm…maybe tonight Ty hits Boyd for the big one…or maybe Connor does. Nolan has a big arm…I can’t wait for him to get more playing time, whenever that might be.

Great play for sure as is the hitch and go that we are yet to see.

Hitch and go again requires the line to protect long enough for the double move. Which has been a major issue. Also helps if they’re playing Cover Zero as LSU did when we threw the stop and go to Joe Adams in WMS in 2010. But hitch and go takes even longer to develop.


thats why you max protect.

even with max protection the opposing defenses have had easy penetration into that backfield…

Just called a wheel route for Boyd which was adequately covered by a linebacker.


So, do you never use one of the two playmakers we have? We ran off tackle and it was adequately covered…do we never run off tackle again?

We dinked and dunked the ball all the first half. It may have been the worst half of offensive football and play calling I have ever seen at Arkansas. We finally got aggressive in the 2nd half, and it was actually fairly decent football. What is going on with our scheme and play calling? We had about 60 yards of offense in the first half. I know LSU has a good defense, but we were not even trying to score that first half.

We would not throw the ball downfield that first half…we act like we are undefeated and protecting a Top 10 ranking. Show some guts and get after it. What do we have to lose being the worst team in the SEC…absolutely nothing.

There’s only one direction from where the hogs sit right now! Up. Maybe the discipline and self control piece will flash the light off in these players mind.
I’m glad this season is almost over! 2 more games and book it. Next year and a new Tusk might bring us some luck.