Why not replace 50

This Oline was patched together. It was a very poor time to lose Sam Pittman. He could have salvaged this line with a couple of late recruits (such as Garrett Bolles). When Pittman left, Arkansas was in trouble. It was unavoidable. Too few players ready to step up, because of what happened in 2012-14.

Not sure you’re right about that Clay…I’m almost 6’1" and have talked to Rogers face to face. I remember definitely looking up at him plus he looks plenty big and strong. Can’t be worse than 50…

He’s listed at 6-1. Figure they give him a little. They always do. I’m 6-0. I’ve interviewed him several times. He isn’t a hair taller than me. Even at 6-1, that’s short for an offensive lineman. Even Zach tells me he’s short, and his arms are short. That’s his words, not mine.

Jalen Merrick
Paul Ramirez
Deion Malone
Zach Rogers
Jake Hall
Johnny Gibson
Jake Heinrich

Are none of these guys capable of pushing our struggling guards? Still at somewhat of a loss as to why we haven’t seen Rogers or Raulerson at C and Ragnow back out at G.

Even more baffling is what has happened to our supposed strength, the DL. Wise and Johnson have been shells of their former selves. Then we have the following, yet we are LAST IN THE COUNTRY VS THE RUN!
McTelvin Agim
Brandon Lewis
Tevin Beanum
Armon Watts
Bihjon Jackson
Ledbetter (playing the best among all DL)
TJ Smith
Jonathan Marshall
Austin Capps
Randy Ramsey
Briston Guidry
JaMichael Winston

It defies logic, quite frankly. There is more talent here on the DL than we’ve had at Arkansas in years. It feels and looks as if these kids aren’t being put in the right position to succeed. They’re obviously not responding to Robb Smith either. I don’t know what the answer is but everyone is massively underachieving at the moment.

Clay thanks for the insight and by all accounts Zach is a great person but since you broached the subject I have to ask…why did they recruit a kid who is on the short end for the position and has short arms. Did they offer a kid with physical limitations to play at this level?