Why not replace 50

Another fine job of pass blocking. He’s going to get story killed too

I guess everybody behind him is terrible too. Glad we have CBB and had CSP as ace recruiters for the OL.

He’ll be gone next year. Our O-Line is so thin. Those recruiting misses are coming home to haunt us.

It is shocking that we don’t have anyone better than Raulerson.

I said it two weeks and will repeat it…the state of the OL,given Bret’s reputation and what he said upon being hired, is both shocking and very disappointing

We are all talking about lack of talent and that could be the case, but what about the new OL coach? Maybe he’s not putting the OL in position to win their battles

You can’t put this on Anderson. He just got here. This is obviously a Coach B/Coach Pittman mess. They have lineman that need to be replaced but they obviously don’t have anyone that can play better. That’s due to recruiting misses and lack of talent and numbers. Recruiting,recruiting, recruiting…

I said this last night, and I know it makes people upset, but go back to last year. Early on Kirkland was struggling, when asked about replacing him, both CBB and CSP said our backups weren’t SEC caliber. Ragnow, Skipper were starters. Wallace. Jackson (two guys who’ve had multiple starts were two of those backups), Raulerson, who couldn’t start in the weak Big 12 came in and beat out those non SEC caliber guys. Froholdt was a defensive linemen, who was converted to offense and is starting. Think about that. Can’t blame CBB and Pittman’s subpar recruiting on the new OL coach. I hate to say wait a few years, but let’s see what Anderson can do as a recruiter, before blaming him for the line issues.

Okay. We get it. You don’t like our coach. You’re ready to replace him. Just tell us who that is so we can end the misery of losing to top-tier SEC teams. Surely you have someone in mind who will make us perennial contenders. I just want to know who that is & what you suggest we do to get him.

I really wish you hadn’t said that, because you know who will make an appearance.

I don’t know that he dislikes him personally. It may just be that he took Bielema at his word when he promised to build a program strong on the offensive and defensive lines and four years in we give up the most rushing yards in league history and run for less than a long Jordan Spieth birdie putt!!!

When a coach vows to do something and fails to deliver tough questions should be asked.

I have no idea if it’s personal–although after a while it appears to become very personal when get down on the coach. Doesn’t matter, though. These kinds of snarky posts get old.

We’re all frustrated. The very good O-line from last year isn’t nearly as good this year. The defense doesn’t appear to have improved–at least not enough. Our RB’s don’t seem to block as well as last year. But the big problem is we’ve lost to teams who are better & who are better for reasons that really have little or nothing to do with coaching or a coach’s recruiting ability. Kids outside Ark don’t grow up dreaming of becoming Razorbacks and there aren’t just enough kids in Ark compared to other places.

To each his own. In my judgement posts like yours that are of the “we’re little old Arkansas and should not expect better” get a little old.

Actually he has another year of eligibility after this one. But, he sure gets abused on a regular basis in this league.

NEA, your post are generally well thought out but I think you should reconsider the underlined portion of your post.

The Razorback coaches appear to be doing a poor job of coaching the players or a poor job of recruiting; probably both. If that is true then why is the HC being compensated on a comparable level or better than anyone in the league except Saban? And if we admit that the HC can’t do the job, why is he still here? Just trying to get your thought process here.

Regardless of recruiting, Pittman, Bielema, etc…when I see offensive lineman standing in the running backs whole, and I mean standing doing nothing, that is coaching. No other explanation. If the lineman don’t know who to block, it coaching plain and simple.

Jake is a junior and not big/strong enough to hold off an elite DL for 5 seconds. If you pay attention he does not get beat often and just gives way too much ground on the bull rush. He would have been replaced if there was an option and he may very well be replaced after a horrible game. When we became 1 demensional he really had no chance. He must make major strides this offseason and put on 15-20 lbs and get some lead in his ass. The only other option is to adjust the scheme to get the ball out in 3-4 seconds.

Alabama, Auburn & Texas A&M always have top 10 or better recruiting classes. They have them for reasons beyond the control of any Razorback coach. Actually, several SEC teams recruit better than we do because they have inherent advantages. We’ve overcome those advantages in the past & can again, but that doesn’t change the inherent advantages they enjoy. If the rankings mean anything, Ole Miss has out-recruited us badly for the past 4 years or so. The fact that we’ve beat them 3 years in a row speaks well of our coaches.

Now are the coaches doing as well this year? Perhaps not. If wins & losses are the measuring stick, they’re certainly not doing as well as the 3 teams’ coaches who’ve beaten us, but I’ve never been convinced teams get “out coached” that often. They have been better than those at Ole Miss, TCU & the other teams we’ve beaten. All high level coaches understand schemes, blocking, etc. They have limited ability to control the talent on the field. We didn’t out-coach Texas St. They had nowhere near the talent we did. They never will. Inherent disadvantages for them. The other side of that is we can rarely out-talent LSU, Bama, A&M, etc. We will often out-talent MSU, MU, So Car. & even Ole Miss (when they don’t cheat).

Raulerson has about 50 feet of tape on his ankle. He is playing through an injury that you can see in his limp.

I thought they were going to replace Raulerson with Zach Rogers last week. I was surprised when Rogers didn’t play against Ole Miss. And, Raulerson played pretty well in that game, probably his best game. But he was no match for Auburn’s tackles Saturday night. The question on him was always his size and bulk. He did add some bulk this summer. I wonder if he’s lost it by now. Sometimes holding weight is the issue once the season begins. Rogers is not a big guy, probably 6-foot. Could he be more physical against some of these guys? I don’t know. We just haven’t seen him out there to know.