Why not Norvell?

What is wrong? All Morris talk now.

They want to see Norvell winning somewhere else five years from now so they can say “we should have hired that guy” meanwhile we would be firing Chad Morris and be right where we are today, be Groundhog Day all over again.

Very well said. It’s what you get for letting eggheads pick a coach…and I’m an egghead.

Maybe too big of a risk. Only two years head coaching experience and none with the big boys. Could say the same about Morris. I think they go in a different direction altogether.

There are some rumblings that Norvell might have some red flags. No idea if it’s true so I will not repeat

BS from Ole Miss & Memphis

I’m pretty sure you’re on to something. As a coach, I think he’s very good. There’s something out there that’s spooked the powers that be. Leave it at that…

Perhaps it is. I’ve got nothing against the guy. Also some of the stuff that is floating around goes back to ASU

His team gave up over 50 on Saturday in a championship game. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Chad Morris’s team gave up 66 to Memphis

Truth be told, the reason Morris is ahead of Norvell is because Jerry and Stephen Jones prefer him and are selling him hard. Their kids attend Highland Park together ( both QB’s) and the families are close.

For those that were lamenting the reemergence of the GOB’s the reemergence is in full effect.

I will be happy with Norvell or Morris. Morris is a great option in spite of your concerns that GOBN is involved. Morris is the best option to develop a stronghold in Texas. It is amazing what he did at a school with a 28 ACT requirement.

Bielema is gone - I’m good with almost anybody!

PS Hog Treat … time to change the signature?!? :smiley:

I’m leaving the signature up until we get a new coach. It is a reminder for me of good and bad decisions.

JacksonReid, you still amaze me. Don’t you think Jerry and Stephen want what is best for Arkansas? Norvel may be the next Chris Peterson, but I believe people that have donated millions to the school and own the most valuable franchise in sports are more qualified to find a coach than a bunch of message board cats who probably do not donate or buy season tickets. we Arky fans are something else.

Sure I think they do! I was just pointing out they are pushing hard for their guy…very hard. This football program … like most… is run by the golden rule. Those who have the gold make the rules.

It is what it is. Again, Bret is gone and we are going to hire a HUNH spread guy. I’m happier than a pig in slop!

That’s not entirely accurate. Jerry doesn’t really know Chad and has not been pushing for him. He’s actually been pretty hands off as his hands are full with other stuff right now (suing the league, Ezekiel Elliot, etc). Truth be told, Jerry liked the idea of a defensive minded coach.

Now, Stephen…I know Chad’s son is Stephen’s son’s backup but don’t know how close they are.