Why not have your QB take a knee?

If you are trying not to score. Really not that complicated.

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That last series by Liberty is SO 2020! lol

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Comical. Offense does not want to score. Defense wants the Offense to score.

One of the announcers went on a rant about ‘teaching, and his guys being equipped to handle that moment’. How often is this scenario practiced? Trying to NOT score is counter to everything the offense does. Eagle, I agree. Don’t hand off the ball … tell the QB to take a knee.

Speaking of trying not to score, I was watching the NFL game instead of Liberty-CCU. The Raiders got down to the Miami goal line and Josh Jacobs slid to a stop twice instead of scoring a touchdown, to run off as much time as possible and force Miami to burn its last timeout. Then they literally took a knee and kicked a field goal to go ahead with 19 seconds left. Blown coverage combined with a facemask penalty got Miami into field goal range in one play and they kicked the winner with 1 second left. The Raiders’ clock management was perfect, but their defense wasn’t (could be considered poetic justice, since they beat the Jets earlier this year on perhaps the worst defensive call in NFL history).

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Those were two fun games to watch at the end. The Liberty back did it right once, then botched it the next time. They won anyway. Bizarre.

Jon Gruden was pissed at his defense. He was sure his offense executed things right and Miami did not have time without a miracle play.

even more analytic detail, but if you do handoff and the back knows not to cross the goaline then you take more time off the clock than just taking a knee by the QB. Same for going backwards, if you can force an unpiling of a tackle mess then more time can be milked. It is seconds to manage but can run the game down to the desired last play of the game kick for the decider. I know our high school coaches teach that in practice.

I keep having this fantasy about our last Sugar Bowl and the non scope and score. I have always thought that if he had scored, there would have been too much time left for OSU. My fantasy would have taken a lot of thinking to pull off, but my idea was to scope and take the ball as close to the goal as possible and then just stand there. There were very few OSU players around. How long could he stand there before they figured what was happening? I don’t know, but would have been fun. For sure, I have the guy scoring at the last moment. I would not take a chance at scoring even from 1" away.

Oh well, didn’t happen and wouldn’t happen. but fun to think about.

Terrelle Pryor was gimpy at the end of the game, having been injured on a keeper earlier in the fourth quarter. It would have been difficult for tOSU to drive the field and score unless we did something dumb like the Raiders did last night. There wasn’t much more than a minute left when Julian Horton fell on the blocked punt. Then DJ Williams dropped a pass the play before Mallett threw the pick.

Aloha Jeff,

Once again your memory is top shelf. But why remind us of the pain…ugh. Another game the Hogs should have won. Gosh o mighty, I hope to live long enough to see the pendulum swing back in our direction. The deficit of unlucky breaks against UA is quite immense. Just scoop and score. Ugh!!


I was there in the Superdome nosebleeds, having listened to arrogant Suckeye fans do their worst Bammer impersonations all evening around the stadium. Those events are burned into my brain, I’m afraid. Then I had a 7 a.m. flight back to Arkansas the next morning. My son and I just caught a catnap in our rental car in the airport cellphone lot before we checked in for our flight.

I was there too, but in great seats, thanks to Clay and the HI Sugar Bowl package. My first thought of the game always goes to the certain TD pass dropped by Joe Adams on our first drive of the 1st quarter. He would have been headed right toward me in the 3rd row of the end zone.

I was still proud of the Hogs though as it was a fantastic 2nd half comeback that would have resulted in a win with just a scoop and score.

Also, I encountered lots of those obnoxious OH St fans. That started early, as there were many of them on my plane ride from VA Beach to New Orleans.

I was at the Ohio State game. Never seen such a thing like it, a mass of red clad fans, of both teams, walking in unison from the French Quarter to the Super Dome, looked like one of the great herd of animal migrations in

I had decent seats. But saw a Final Four in the Super Dome and was so high up I walked the entire length of the French Quarter to get to the Super Dome but it took longer than that when I got there to walk up to my seat, which was so far up even my binoculars needed binoculars. I was exhausted, and not just because I found out later I had strep. The next day it snowed, first snow in New Orleans in 100 years.

Btw, QB taking a knee, spiking the ball, or whatever, not so simple, just ask Auburn :joy:.

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